When No One Seems to Notice

by Ava Pennington

Writing can sometimes be discouraging work. It may become even more discouraging when we’ve poured ourselves into our calling but no one seems to notice our efforts. Or maybe we’ve worked and worked . . . but someone else gets the break we’ve been waiting for. As Christian writers, we serve to glorify the Lord. […]

Sneak Peek: Brenda Covert’s Presentation for W2I 2018

by Brenda Covert

As a child, I penned a collection of Christmas poems. Little booklets of the poems became gifts tucked under Christmas trees. I loved creative writing and often wrote stories that I never finished, but I could always finish a poem. (Just don’t ask to see one of those early Christmas pieces!) Puzzles have always intrigued […]

Giveaway Contest: Week 8!

Category: Presenters

This week’s contest is open to everyone! Check out our list of presenters for W2I 2018. Then list the names of the two presenters you’d most like to meet. Submit your answer before July 21 by commenting on this post, sending a comment to W2I’s contact email (info.write2ignite@gmail.com), or posting on our social media (on […]

Sneak Peek: Dot by Dot

by Vicki Moss

Hi, there. Vicki Moss—contributing editor of Southern Writers Magazine and author—here. Looks like we’re fast approaching September and the Write2Ignite conference, and as usual, I can’t wait to cross the South Carolina line. This year, I’ll be teaching two classes: “The Journey towards Finding Your Writing Voice” and “Connecting the Dots.” Believe it or not, […]

Giveaway Contest: Week 7!

Category: Genre

UPDATE: Congratulations to K. G. Wyrick, the winner of our Week 7 contest! This week’s contest is open to everyone! When it comes to writing, what genre do you most often write in? Who’s your favorite author in that genre? Submit your answer before July 14 by commenting on this post, sending a comment to […]

Sneak Peek: Lori Hatcher’s Workshop, “The Day I Wanted to Quit”

by Lori Hatcher

Your proposal is rejected—again—and your head swirls with doubt, disappointment, and confusion. You pour your heart out in a blog post, take hours to format it just right, click Post, and wait. The only buzz you hear is from the ceiling fan above your head, and the only comments you receive are from your mother […]

Giveaway Contest: Week 6!

Category: Pilgrim's Progress

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kristi Butler, the winner of our Week 6 contest! This week’s contest is open to everyone! Did you know that a CGI animated film of Pilgrim’s Progress is set for release in spring of 2019? How interested would you be in seeing this new version of Pilgrim’s Progress by WORLD News Group? […]