Fact or Fiction? A Creative Nonfiction Essay by Kathryn Dover

Everyone struggles at some point to distinguish fact from fiction. When you’re a young book-and-movie lover, distinguishing between fact and fiction is a challenge. I didn’t fully understand that movies aren’t real until I was about ten. For years, my brother tried to convince me that Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars are…

God Breathed: Book Review by Kathryn Dover

“Isn’t it common for Christians to talk about Jesus with far less interest than we show for our favorite team, music, or food?” (22) If God doesn’t speak to you in any other quote from God Breathed by Rut Etheridge III, He will through this one. At least, Etheridge’s question spoke to me. Think about…

Beautiful–Truth’s Found When Beauty’s Lost: A Review by Hadassah and Kelila Murdock

Two young adult readers review BEAUTIFUL by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma and share why they recommend it.

Perceive the Trends in the YA Market: Part III by Guest Blogger, Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson provides three more trends in writing for young adults.

Perceive the Trends in the Young Adult Market: Part 1 by Guest Blogger, Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson shares two trends in writing for young adults.

Purple Moon: Book Review by Kathryn Dover

What do you think of when you hear the title Purple Moon? I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this novel by Tessa Emily Hall at the Write2Ignite conference in 2018. Purple Moon is full of plot twists and keeps you in suspense. The reader is constantly surprised throughout the novel. Review Even…

Should Writers Be Hopeful About the State of YA Christian Fiction? by Tessa Emily Hall, Master Class Instructor

Tessa Emily Hall, Write2Ignite's YA Master Class instructor, provides hope for Christians writing in this genre.

Writing Christian Themes in Young Adult Literature by Guest Blogger Vijaya Bodach

Christian Themes in YA books.

Ships, Secrets, and Survivors: A Book Review by Teen Reviewer, Elle Dennison

Write 2Ignite rarely posts two reviews of the same book. But, in a few weeks Helena George will be posting a great article on how to write a clean YA book and I thought I'd bring her book to your attention again. - Carol Baldwin, blog administrator. ***** Sarah Rodecker and Helena George’s Ships, Secrets, and…

Five Reasons That A Not-Yet Published Author Should Use Social Media- By Guest Blogger, Mindy Baker

5 reasons to use social media BEFORE you publish your book.

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