Elephants and Writing for Kids

I have a pet elephant. It all started out with a dream. I’ve always wanted a pet elephant. I dreamed about the days I could take my grandkids for a ride! I looked forward to taking the neighborhood kids for a ramble down the street on its back. I imagined summer days with water squirting, … More Elephants and Writing for Kids

Can Anyone Be a Published Author?

Can anyone be a published author? The short answer: YES!!!! I’m a published author and I started out knowing nothing about this career. Zip. Nada.

Motivating Metaphors

When you sit down to write, what metaphor do you visualize? In my earliest years as a writer, I attended a writing conference. One of the speakers shared a metaphor that hit me hard. “There is nothing to writing,” he said. “All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Often attributed to … More Motivating Metaphors


The Write2Ignite Team is thrilled to welcome Jean Matthew Hall back to the Team as the Write2Ignite Director. Jean was one of the original founders of Write2Ignite back in 2008. We thank the Lord that she is able to rejoin us. Jean will spearhead our next big event in September 2020. YA-HOOO! We asked her a … More WELCOME OUR NEW DIRECTOR

CONTENTMENT: MY Writerly Word for 2020

  This past year was a difficult one for me. Due to our financial situation, we have not been able to travel, which has always been my go-to for inspiration. A new destination has the ability to shake up my brain cells and send them in a new direction, but this year, they stopped. Cold. … More CONTENTMENT: MY Writerly Word for 2020

What About Rejections? Part I

Now that we’re ready to dig into our various writing projects and (gulp!) even think about submitting a few…we face a common enemy: Fear of Rejection. To encourage your hearts, our faculty shared some of their rejection stories. Now you can say to yourself, “If they were rejected and look how far they’ve come… I … More What About Rejections? Part I

My Wonderful, Terrifying Journey @ Write2Ignite 2018

Today’s guest blogger, Celeste Hawkins, shares her first experience attending a Write2Ignite Conference. As I opened the doors to check into my first writers’ conference, I held a print-out of my book draft in one arm and the parking-line-yellow purse that makes me feel more optimistic in the other. I pulled it closer to my … More My Wonderful, Terrifying Journey @ Write2Ignite 2018

Welcome, Helena George

Last September, I made the drive to South Carolina full of anticipation. My first writers conference! Dreams swirled in my head. I would meet other writers…talk about books and characters…maybe catch the attention of a publisher…talk about writing and books some more… I’ll admit, I was nervous. I’d probably say something stupid or spill a … More Welcome, Helena George