Seasons of a Writer’s Life

by Ava Pennington

The calendar tells us that it’s time for the seasons to change again. Still, beyond winter, spring, summer, and fall, we experience other seasons, too. We move through seasons of life as we parent babies and teenagers, experience empty nests, and become caregivers for our own parents. Writing adds another layer to already full lives. So […]

Giving thanks, resting for the journey ahead, and waiting for signs to move forward.

As rescue efforts continue for SC and NC coastal residents who anticipate a long journey of rebuilding after flood damage, many are in waiting mode. They know what must be done, but they can’t yet do it. Similarly, Pilgrim’s journey includes times when moving forward isn’t possible, and Pilgrim must wait for God’s intervention through change of circumstances. At other times, Pilgrim’s thinking needs to change: he’s stuck until he recognizes that God gave him tools he has forgotten to use.

A writing conference can help those whose creative projects have been in such a “hold” pattern. What circumstances need to change before you can make progress? What tools has God provided that you haven’t used or even recognized?

Join Pilgrim at Write2Ignite 2018 as we share and learn how to let God direct our writing journeys!

Teachable Spirit

by Ava Pennington

I recently submitted thirty-one devotions for a national ministry’s monthly devotional for its supporters. The batch I submitted last year was well received, and I hoped for a similar reaction. This time, the editor’s response was not quite what I expected. She complimented the writing style and general content. But most of my submissions were […]

Sneak Peek: Jean Matthew Hall’s Presentations for W2I 2018

by Jean Matthew Hall

Hello, everyone! This year’s Write2Ignite conference is coming up fast. As one of the presenters at the conference, I’ll be leading two workshops: “Children’s Book Categories” and “Writing from Childhood Memories.” Let me tell you about them. “Children’s Book Categories” Foundational to writing successfully for children is a clear knowledge of children’s literature, including knowledge […]

When No One Seems to Notice

by Ava Pennington

Writing can sometimes be discouraging work. It may become even more discouraging when we’ve poured ourselves into our calling but no one seems to notice our efforts. Or maybe we’ve worked and worked . . . but someone else gets the break we’ve been waiting for. As Christian writers, we serve to glorify the Lord. […]

Sneak Peek: Brenda Covert’s Presentation for W2I 2018

by Brenda Covert

As a child, I penned a collection of Christmas poems. Little booklets of the poems became gifts tucked under Christmas trees. I loved creative writing and often wrote stories that I never finished, but I could always finish a poem. (Just don’t ask to see one of those early Christmas pieces!) Puzzles have always intrigued […]

Life After a Writers’ Conference

by Diane Buie

How can I capture in words what last year’s Write2Ignite conference meant to me? Attending my first-ever writers’ conference left me feeling (and probably looking) like a deer in headlights! I left with an overwhelming conviction of the need for Christian writers and with a vast amount of information gleaned from each workshop. God lit […]