The First Page of Your Picture Book

Image by Amberrose Nelson from Pixabay A picture book is all about your Main Character (MC) and the problem he or she is trying to solve. As in all manuscripts, the first page of your picture book plays an important role. We're going to talk about the text that will eventually become the first page…

Choosing Your Mentor Text

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixaba As any brave explorer would do before embarking on a journey, it’s important for us as children’s writers to choose a reliable flashlight to help us find our way.For writers, our flashlight is a mentor text. What exactly is a mentor text, you may ask? In a nutshell, it’s…

Get to Know Our New Team Member: Nancy I. Sanders

Meet our new planning team member, Nancy I. Sanders

Handy Resources for the Serious Writer

A writer can never have enough craft books—true or false? True, of course! In that case, I have two for you. The first, Blueprint for a Book is written by Jennie Nash, and the second is The Conflict Thesaurus. Both stellar in helping you flesh out plot and characters.

Websites for YA Writers

Compiled by Jean Matthew Hall If you would like to read up on writing for young adults before our September 18, 2021 Master Class with Tessa Emily Hall here are a few helpful website. Some contain quick tips. Some go into much more depth. They are handy resources for you to refer to again and…

A Take on Making Short Videos- Part III by Guest Blogger, Hadassah Murdock

In the post before this, I discussed my method for writing a script for a short video. In this post, I aim to shine some light on the next step in my short movie making process: filming!   WHY A VIDEO? A picture may be worth a thousand words… but a video is worth a thousand pictures.…

The 2021 Author Platform: Back to Basics by Cindy Lynn Sawyer

2021 Author Platform

Struggling with building your author platform? Here are a few simple steps to help you get started.

16 Reasons to Attend Laura Sassi’s Picture Book Master Class by Carol Baldwin

I asked our participants what they are looking forward to learning at Laura Sassi's picture book class. Each of these is a reason to attend! This is what they said: A list of traditional publishers currently accepting submissions would be great. Joyce M. How to get started putting a children’s book together. Michelle S. How…

Mine Your Life to Write Authentic Fiction

Tips on mining your life.

5 Poetry Prompts For National Poetry Month

5 Poetry Prompts

Ready to celebrate National Poetry Month? Here are a few prompts to get you excited about writing poetry in April.

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