Giveaway Contest: Week 3!

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UPDATE: Congratulations to David Friedli, the winner of our Week 3 contest! This week’s contest is open to everyone! Did you know we offer critiques of up to 10 pages of your manuscript? What would you be most interested in learning from a critique? Submit your answer before June 16 by commenting on this post, […]

Avoiding Misdirection: Stay on the “Write” Path; Don’t Gamble with Google (or GoDaddy)

UPDATE: This problem has been fixed!

Confusing headline? Not as confusing as reports that some links to Write2Ignite’s website have taken visitors to a casino website! We’ve checked and rechecked our website and internal links. We’ve since found a few links that connect to the casino website.

We’ve uncovered two possible explanations: either a problem with Google analytics, which is redirecting visitors to what Google believes is the W2I website, or a problem with GoDaddy, the host site for our web domain. Our webmaster and other Team members continue to investigate, with some help from tech-savvy family members.

While we can’t immediately resolve the problem and prevent all misdirection, we’re alerting you, our faithful readers and visitors, to the situation.

Here’s some help in the meantime. Unfortunately, if you type “Write2Ignite” into your browser and click a link that arises in the search results, you’re likely to reach the casino. It’s important to type “” in your browser’s address bar for a search or web address navigation.

Please bear with us as we attempt to stop this misdirection. We appreciate your comments reporting any such errors, so that we can remain aware and alert to communication problems. Like Christian, our protagonist in Pilgrim’s Progress, we want to stay on the right path and help others avoid losing their way as well!

Remember to check out our weekly giveaways! You can win great prizes by commenting on this website or on our social media (the Write2Ignite Conference page on Facebook, the Write2Ignite group on Facebook, and Twitter [@write2ignite]). Check our giveaway posts for guidelines on what we’re looking for.

Sneak Peek: Tessa Emily Hall’s Presentations for W2I 2018

by Tessa Emily Hall

Workshop: “Common Mistakes Newbie Writers Make in Their Manuscripts” You’ve spent years working on your fiction manuscript. Finally, you reach “The End” and send it off to agents. When that first response arrives in your inbox, you anticipate seeing the message “This is the submission I’ve been waiting for!” pop onto your screen. But when […]

Giveaway Contest: Week 2!

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Amy Bradsher, the winner of our Week 2 contest! This week’s contest is open to everyone! Tell us your favorite author and book for a chance to win a free book!   Submit your answer before June 9 by commenting on this post, sending a comment to W2I’s contact email (, or […]

Speaker Spotlight: Tessa Emily Hall’s Keynote Address “Worshipping Our Creator through Our Creations”

We were created to create. Even when writing becomes our career, we can still use it as a means to spend time with our Creator and glorify Him through the process. He ignited the flame of creativity in us, and we should offer it back to Him in the form of worship.

Teens—through Tessa Emily Hall’s teens-only keynote address “Worshipping Our Creator through Our Creations,” you’ll be inspired to offer your daily writing sessions as a sacrifice of worship to God and learn how spending time with Him can help you tap into your God-given creativity. Thus, you’ll not only draw closer to Him during this process but also enable your readers to come to know Him as well.

Tessa is an award-winning author who writes inspirational yet authentic YA fiction to show teens they’re not alone. Her passion for shedding light on clean entertainment and media for teens led her to a career as an associate agent at Hartline Literary Agency, YA acquisitions editor for Illuminate YA (LPC Imprint), and founder/editor of Tessa’s first teen devotional, Coffee Shop Devos, will release with Bethany House in September 2018.

She’s guilty of making way too many lattes and never finishing her to-read list. When her fingers aren’t flying 116 WPM across the keyboard, she can be found speaking to teens, decorating art journals, and acting in Christian films. Her favorite way to procrastinate is by connecting with readers on her blog, mailing list, social media (@tessaemilyhall), and website:

Writing Contests, Deadlines, and Write2Ignite Conference Registration!

Summer break (and summer weather) is here or near, providing a perfect opportunity for you to fine tune your writing plans, check schedules, and finalize writing contest and conference details! Here are events with summer deadlines you won’t want to miss!

  1. Write2Ignite Conference registration! Early registration saves $30 on adult full tuition and $15 on student (middle school through college) tuition. That’s money you can use for books, travel expenses, and more! Deadline for early registration: September 1, 2018.
  2. The “Faith and Freedom” writing contest cosponsored by Write2Ignite and EA Books Publishing! (Open only to those attending W2I 2018.) Benefits: there’s no extra fee to enter (conference registration and attendance qualify you), a wide range of genres is accepted, both youth and adults may apply, and winners will be published in an EA Books anthology. See full details here. Deadline for submissions: August 20, 2018.
  3. In her Encouraging Words newsletter, presenter Jean Matthew Hall reports that agent Cyle Young is having an open submission period, accepting “children’s, MG, YA, and adult audience books for the general and Christian markets, both nonfiction and fiction. . . . Tell them that Jean Hall sent you!” Send your submissions to Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2018.

Speaker Spotlight: Jenny L. Cote’s Keynote “The Epic Journey”

How exactly does one become an author, anyway? Are you born with a pen in your hand, or does it take a little more than that? In her keynote address “The Epic Journey,” Jenny L. Cote will share her amazing journey to become an author and the process required to make writing work as a full-time profession in the crazy world of publishing. Jenny’s is an EPIC journey, filled with unexpected encounters, international adventures, and nonstop fun. You’ll glimpse Jenny’s joy as one who discovered exactly what she was wired to do: to serve as “God’s little dictation girl.” And you’ll hear how she lives out her passion by never working a day in her life.

An award-winning author and speaker, Jenny L. Cote developed an early passion for God, history, and young people and beautifully blends these three passions in her two fantasy fiction series, The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz® and Epic Order of the Seven®. Likened to C. S. Lewis by readers and book reviewers alike, she speaks on creative writing at schools, universities, and conferences around the world.

Jenny has a passion for making history fun for kids of all ages, instilling in them a desire to discover their part in HIStory. She’s even appeared on Fox News to discuss why it’s important to teach history. She also partnered with the National Park Service to produce Epic Patriot Camp, a summer writing camp at Revolutionary parks that seeks to excite kids about history, research, and writing.

Her love for research has taken her to most Revolutionary sites in the U.S.; to London (with unprecedented access to Handel House Museum to write in Handel’s composing room); to Oxford (to stay in the home of C. S. Lewis, “the Kilns,” and interview Lewis’s secretary, Walter Hooper, at the Inklings’ famed Eagle and Child Pub); to Paris; to Normandy; to Rome; to Israel; and to Egypt.

Jenny’s books are available online and in stores around the world, as well as in multiple e-book formats. Jenny holds two marketing degrees from the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. A Virginia native, Jenny now lives in Roswell, Georgia.

To learn more about Jenny, visit her on Facebook and at