Enjoy a sneak peek of Tony Snipes‘s presentation for Write2Ignite 2018: “5 Things I Learned in Corporate America That Can Jumpstart Your Writing Business in under 24 Hours.”


Tony Snipes started out as an entrepreneurial artist and has grown with the times to become a digital strategist, focusing on marketing and small business. He spent most of his career in the news media industry, blending his Internet marketing and sales experience with his passion for the arts and entrepreneurship.

Tony now devotes his time to illustrating, writing, consulting, and speaking, using his blog, Art Lessons from God, and his new platform for Creatives, “Your Creative Mission.” This platform serves two purposes: to help creative people answer three questions—Who am I? Why am I here? and What should I be doing?—and to help them discover connections between their creative gifts and God’s calling on their creative endeavors. He markets his illustrations through the Facebook page “Portsmouth Aeroshipbuilding Co.” In addition, he has developed Art Slam! Live exhibitions, which are held throughout the Upstate of South Carolina.

Tony is happily married to his wife, Monica, and is the father of three beautiful and talented daughters: Azsa, Anisa, and Moriah.


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