Virtual Writing Devotions Master Class

Master Teacher Karen Whiting

with special guest editors Michelle Medlock Adams (with End Game Press) and Marianne Hering (with Focus on the Family)

(Includes three months access to recordings of the sessions.)

Saturday, April 23, 2022, via Zoom

Session 1 Writing Devotion Basics and Your Core Message

Karen will cover the basics of writing devotions for various age groups

Step-by-step instructions on writing devotions

What makes a devotion touch readers and impact lives

Session 2 Polishing Your Devotion

Karen will cover the strengths and weaknesses in sample devotions

How to edit them for tightness, readability, sense appeal, and take-away.

She will provide a checklist for both the strengths and weakness.

Karen will also cover how to accessorize your devotion well.

Session 3: Submitting Devotions and Creating a Collection of Themed Devotions

Karen will show us how to submit devotions and also apply to write devotions for publications who assign devotions to authors.

A series of devotions can become a book if they are cohesive. Karen will help us center them around a theme and target a specific intended audience.

Karen will help us find the “Big Idea” of why the book is needed and what solution it will offer readers.

She will show us how to divide the big theme into smaller ones for weeks or months, or  30 topics for a shorter devotional book.

Karen will help us gather market ideas for our devotional books.