with Tessa Emily Hall

September 18, 2021

Workshop 1: Understanding the Current State of YA and its Readers

The YA fiction genre is booming in the general market—so why does it seem to be almost non-existent in the Christian market? In this workshop, we will discuss the type of stories that teenagers are raving over in the general market and the current need for authentic and engaging inspirational fiction. By learning more about teenagers and the reasons behind why they read in the first place, you will be better prepared to craft a story that delivers on these points.

Tessa will help us to:

  1. Understand young adult fiction (in both CBA and ABA markets).
  2. Understand who teenagers are.

Workshop 2: Developing Your Mission and Message (Without Preaching!)

Books are powerful tools when it comes to reaching lost youth. However, teens aren’t searching for a sermon when they pick up a novel; they’re seeking a story and escapism. In this workshop, you will learn the secret of how to avoid preaching and develop a mission statement that can help you to navigate your publishing decisions.

Are you a Christian writer or a writer who is a Christian? What’s the difference?

Do you want to write YA books that are geared toward the general market or the Christian market?

  1. To answer this question, Tessa will help you craft your mission as a YA writer.
  2. She’ll also show you how can you avoid preaching in your YA story. Teens don’t like “preachy” stories.

Workshop 3: Creating a Character Journey that Connects with Your Audience

Teen readers of today aren’t just searching for entertaining stories; they are searching for stories that present characters of which they can identify. How can we go about crafting these authentic characters that reflect and connect with the heart of youth today? This workshop will take you through the process of crafting a strong protagonist, and you will learn how to shape their character change journey in effort to unveil your story’s spiritual truths and theme. 

How can we craft authentic characters that reflect and connect with today’s teens? Follow Tessa as she helps us:

  1. Learn how to develop your characters from the inside out.
  3. Learn where your characters must begin.

Breakout sessions follow each workshop. They are 45 minute sessions of guided, hands-on practice of the principles taught in each Workshop Session. The guided practice is led by W2I Team members.

Special Guest Tiffany Slack, Head Librarian at Matthews Christian Library will join us at lunch at the Virtual Master Class. She will talk about the books that she would like to see on her shelves and the books that parents and teens are asking for.

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