Our Blessing Box

r4rlogoAt Write2Ignite! it is our desire to bless people!

* We want to bless writers and illustrators with new skills, new knowledge, new contacts and new opportunities.

* We want to bless children and young adults with literary works that both thrill them and inspire them.

* We want to bless parents and grandparents with peace of mind when choosing books and literary products for the children in their lives.

* We want to bless publishers with authors who tell exceptional stories exceptionally well.

* We want to bless our own Team members with the joy of sharing God’s love to others through our Conferences and other services.

* We want to bless North Greenville University by supporting and supplementing their vision for excellence in their students.

* We want to bless the community around North Greenville University by demonstrating Christ’s love and generosity to “the least of these.” With that in mind we instituted our Blessing Box in 2011. We hope you’ll catch the vision and help us make this gift a huge blessing to the under-served children of Greenville-Spartanburg and surrounding areas.

Your part is simple: as you pack your bags for Write2Ignite! 2013 include a book or two for young children. Board books, picture books, easy readers and early chapter books of all types are welcomed. (Here’s a great opportunity to donate re-told Bible stories, or books whose characters learn valuable life lessons.) When you register simply drop your book(s) into the Blessing Box

You can donate books that you have authored, or books you have purchased. Our part is easy, too: On Saturday we’ll present the box to a representative of Ready4Reading. They will, in turn, distribute the books through their long-established program.

Come on! Be a Blessing by giving to folks who cannot possibly give back to us. Help us make our 2013 Blessing Box the best one yet!

  1. I cleared my son’s bookshelves last week. I’ll bring a whole box of gently used books he has outgrown.

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