What Is Write2Ignite?

Our Origin Story

As Christians, we are always looking for ways to share the good news of Jesus Christ. As Christian writers, we believe we have a unique platform to share our faith with the world — through literature.

Write2Ignite Conference for Christian Writers of Children’s and Young Adult Literature began in 2008 — with a few children’s writers who felt compelled to create stories for younger readers – stories with ideas and characters reflecting the truth recorded in God’s Word.

Write2Ignite team members developed an annual conference and other programming and resources in 2008. In 2011, Write2Ignite became a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In 2020 Write2Ignite shifted from in-person, traditional writers conferences to virtual, one-day Master Classes to target specific skills and genres, and to help Christians who write for children and young adults to master those skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Christian writers of children’s and young adult literature with three things:

  • Education
  • Inspiration
  • Encouragement

Our Services

  • Master Classes twice each year
  • Blog posts on writing, editing, and publishing written by professionals
  • Online resources and devotionals to help you grow in both your faith and your writing skills
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Social media encouragement and information
  • Critique groups for those who attend Master Classes

Please visit our Write2Ignite Statement of Faith to read the core beliefs of our Christian faith.

What Do You Think?