Two-for-One Critiques


If you’re fairly new to the writing business or trying out a different genre, you may wonder whether or not you’re doing it right. Or maybe you have a manuscript that you feel is almost — but not quite — working, and you’re not sure why. What can you do? Get a professional critique, of course!

Two-for-One Critiques are available for the fee of $45. One manuscript will be critiqued independently by two members of our faculty or Planning Team (see page limits at the bottom of this page).

A critique will give you a thorough review of the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, offer suggestions for improvement, and possibly help you identify potential markets. If you have questions before submitting, please contact Brenda Covert.

How to Submit

  1. Click the button below to Submit Payment.
  2. Email your manuscript to Brenda Covert. (Please be sure to check the guidelines below before submitting.)

Our Write2Ignite Two-for-One Critique Service does not guarantee the marketability of your manuscript. We believe our insights and comments will improve and strengthen your work. But, ultimately, only you can decide what advice to take and how to revise your manuscript.

We reserve the right to decline to critique any manuscript.

Manuscript Format for Critiques

All manuscripts should be 12-pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced (unless otherwise noted), with one-inch margins. Include your name, the title of your piece, type of manuscript, and the page number on each of your manuscript’s pages. (See page limit below.)

Types of Manuscripts

  • Young adult/middle grade novel—One-page query or synopsis (single-spaced) and the first pages of the manuscript (double-spaced). Ten pages total.
  • Nonfiction children’s book—Chapter outline, proposal and/or query letter (single-spaced) and the first pages of the manuscript (double-spaced). Ten pages total.
  • Picture book—Complete manuscript up to 1,000 words
  • Early reader/chapter book—First chapters up to 10 pages
  • Nonfiction article—1,200 word limit
  • Short story—1,200 word limit
  • Poetry—5 poems equal 1 critique; 40-line limit for each poem
  • Devotional—500-word limit each; up to four devotionals per critique
  • Curriculum—A table of contents and 2–5 chapters; up to 10 pages
  • Activity book/pages—Up to 10 pages