Write2Ignite: critique groups

As writers, we need to give feedback as well as receive it. One way to get feedback is to be part of a critique group. So here is your chance to be part of one! Fill out the form below and email it to Donna Earnhardt (wordwranglernc@hotmail.com).  Once she receives at least five names, she will start sending out emails for instructions on how to start your own crit groups and some general thoughts on how to run them.

Simply copy and paste the info below, fill it out, and email it to Donna. Let the critique groups begin!


Name: _____________________________

Address: _____________________________

Phone number: __________________________

Are you interested in an in-person group o online group?_____________________________

What is the farthest you would be willing to drive to go to an in-person critique group? _____________

What genres are you interested in? (be as specific as possible) ______________________

How long have you been writing? _____________________

Have you been part of a critique group before? ________________________


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