Write2Ignite! Conference Paid Critiques 2015 (Please note: Slots fill up quickly!)

A paid critique service is an invaluable tool when working towards becoming the best writer you can be. A member of our faculty will review your manuscript; however, no one can guarantee publication of your work. They will give you a thorough review of the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, offer suggestions for improvement, and help you identify potential markets.

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION PROCEDURE – Submit a manuscript for critique in any of the categories below. Look through the faculty list below and pick whom you would like to critique your manuscript. EMAIL your manuscript to donnawearnhardt@gmail.com  and Samantha.s.bell184@gmail.com — and your critique will be forwarded to your chosen reviewer after payment is received.

When submitting, please place this in the subject line: W2I CRITIQUE ENTRY for ______ (insert name of chosen reviewer). You will receive a written one-page critique or comments written on your pages. A 15-minute private appointment will be arranged with your reviewer if you want one. Deadline for entries is noted by the person’s name below. Include in the email text your name, email address, title and category and if you want a 15 minute meeting with them during the conference.

Reviewers have a limited number of entries they will critique. When they reach their limit of entries, their names will be removed from this list. You may submit in no more than 2 categories, and only one entry per category. Slots fill up quickly.

CRITIQUE FEE is $45 for each entry. Payment must be made before the critiques will be sent to your chosen reviewer.  Please note: $35 of the critique fee will be paid to the reviewer, while the remaining $10 will be poured back into Write2ignite for scholarships and conference expenses.


MANUSCRIPT FORMAT – Type all manuscripts in double-spaced, standard manuscript format. Include your name, title and page number on each page of your manuscript pages. SPECIAL NOTE – Only registered conferees may submit a manuscript for critique. (If you can’t attend the conference, but desire a critique from our regular W2I staff, we are available year round. Please email write2ignite@jeanmatthewhall.com for more information.)

Payments can be made via Paypal (preferred) or check. (Good news! We are waving the usual paypal fee for critiques only!)

Paying via Paypal? Click on “Add to cart” button below.

Paying via check? Make check payable to Write2ignite and mail to:Write2ignite c/o Samantha Bell
PO Box 41
Tigerville, SC 29688



  • Young Adult Novel – Submit book proposals for children: Cover letter to editor, chapter outline/synopsis, and the first pages of the manuscript, up to 10 pages TOTAL.
  • Middle Grade Novel  – Book proposals for children: Cover letter to editor, chapter outline/synopsis, and the first pages of the manuscript, up to 10 pages TOTAL.
  • Non-Fiction Book – Book proposals for children: Cover letter to editor, chapter outline/synopsis, and the first pages of the manuscript up to 10 pages TOTAL.
  • Picture Book – Complete manuscript up to 1500 words
  • Early Reader/Chapter Book – First chapters up to 10 pages
  • Nonfiction Article – 1,200 word limit
  • Short Story – 1,200 word limit
  • Poetry – Five poems equal one critique, 40-line limit for each poem.
  • Devotional - 500-word limit each, up to four devotionals per paid critique.
  • Curriculum – A table of contents and 2-5 chapters; up to 10 pages.
  • Activity Book/Pages– Up to 10 pages


Available for Critiques # of critiques Last date to accept ms What they’ll critique

EMAIL All manuscripts to:

Donnawearnhardt@gmail.com and Samantha.s.bell184@gmail.com

 Jenny Cote  4 3  March 13  YA and MG
 Karen Whiting  4  March 10  NF, PB (no rhyming), Early reader, NF article, Devo, Curriculum, Activity book
Andrea Merrell  3  March 23  YA, NF (book/article), Devo
 Nancy Lohr  4  March 16  YA, MG, ER/CB/Short Story
Kim Peterson  4  March 18 everything except curriculum
 Cheri Cowell

Samantha Bell


Coming soon

 March 25

 NF (book/article), SS, Devo, curriculum

 Tim Shoemaker

Donna Earnhardt

Janice Green





 March 10

March 23

March 11

 Middle Grade

PBs only

PBs only

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