Three Reasons to Write for Kids


Conference season is here. Perhaps you are registered for a writers conference, an especially good investment in your career. Before you head off for that event, you should consider the purpose of your writing.

Here are three main categories of writing for children.

1 – Write to Entertain

A good story is a wonderful kind of entertainment. It might be funny, mysterious, or just plain interesting. It might have characters that are similar to its readers, so they can relate to the adventures or challenges that unfold with the turn of each page. A good story might have characters that are very different than the reader, those who call to the child to come away to a new place if even for a few hours.

2 – Write to Teach

Some books teach. They offer the young reader new information. It might be information about a topic such as a hobby. It might be information about important life lessons, like those in a Bible study or a devotion.

3 – Write to Inspire

Like the name of this conference, a key purpose for writing is to inspire young lives to grow and serve the Lord. Your writing might inspire a future parent, teacher, or missionary.

Are you writing to entertain, to teach, or to inspire?

These are all worthy reasons to write. They all have a place in the Christian publishing industry.

Before you head off to a writers conference, ask yourself the purpose of the manuscript in your hands. It will help you fine tune your project and better present it to editors and agents who might be in attendance.

Many blessings on your writing –


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