Online Connections for Christian Children’s Authors

connectionsAn aspiring author is sometimes in a quandary about what to do next. Perhaps, the would-be author sits at her computer and wonders what to do with her writing time that day.

Several months ago, I posted a list of jump start ideas, Be an Author – Do One Thing. Let’s add to that list today.

Children’s authors should be part of online groups.

Online groups, such as those on Facebook, offer connections with other writers and readers. How are these connections helpful?

  • The writer’s name becomes visible and even familiar to others in the industry (authors, editors, reviewers, retailers) as well as to readers.
  • The writer can learn valuable information about navigating the waters of publication.
  • She can learn the interests and desires of readers. What is her would-be audience looking for in a book for children or teens?
  • Beyond posting her own comments, the writer has a place to post links to her blog posts.

What are some online groups for Christian authors?

  • Christian Children’s Writers and Illustrators
  • Finding Good Books for Children
  • Christian Books ~ Giveaways, Freebies, Bargains, New Releases
  • Christian Fiction Fans
  • Writers in Christian Fellowship
  • Christian Fiction Gathering
  • Christian Authors & Writers
  • Christian Bloggers Network

Note that some of these are “open” groups. In other words, you may simply click to join the group. Others are “closed” groups, and you must make a request to join.

What Facebook groups would you add to the list?



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Carol McAdams Moore writes for children and youth in the general and Christian markets. Learn more about Carol and her tween devos: Dare U 2 Open This Book – draw it, write it, dare 2 live it – 90 devotions and Just Sayin’ – write ‘em, draw ‘em, hide ‘em in your heart at

2 thoughts on “Online Connections for Christian Children’s Authors

  1. hi Carol! I’m part of Christian Children’s Writers and Illustrators on Facebook and I also get their blog posts. They do a daily devotional which is always encouraging. I’m part of several other writers groups, as well, but I have to be careful or I’ll have no time for writing.

    I’m planning to give your Dare U 2 Open This Book to my 10-year-old granddaughter for Christmas. She loves journaling and drawing. 🙂 My grandson is only seven, so I’ll save his for a couple of years.

  2. Thanks, Carol, for the excellent advice you’ve given us in your last two “Be an Author” posts.

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