Be an Author – Do One Thing

Do you have dreams of being an author? Specifically, you may feel a calling from God to write for children. I challenge you to do one thing this summer. Pick something from the list below. Do one thing.

  • Attend a writers conference.
  • Join a critique group.
  • Subscribe to a journal for writers.
  • Spend 30 minutes sitting in the children’s section of a bookstore.DoOneThing
  • Follow a writing blog.
  • Have a conversation with a children’s minister about books that should be written.
  • Spend two hours a week writing.
  • Check out the new books in the children’s section of the library.
  • Volunteer to work with kids (church, library, community organization).
  • Have coffee or lunch with a children’s author.

What choices would you add to the list?

Many blessings on you and your desire to serve God through writing.


3 thoughts on “Be an Author – Do One Thing

  1. Excellent advice, Carol!Sometimes the hardest part of a new venture is just getting started. You’ve offered some easy first steps. Thanks and blessings to you.

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