Putting the Right Face on Facebook

FacebookThese days, Facebook is the social media platform everyone loves to hate. It seems as if this Internet giant changes its rules as often as we change our clothes.

But Facebook is still a social media powerhouse for a reason: millions of people use it to establish community and connections. By following these six tips, you can too.

(And in the interests of full disclosure, I need to apply several of these tips to my own Facebook page!)

Add a cover photo that represents you

Your cover photo is an important way to communicate who you are. While it’s easy to upload a generic banner photo available through various applications, that isn’t going to help establish your brand. So take the time to choose a unique cover photo that represents you and your genre. Try to establish consistency in your photos across all of your social media platforms to increase brand recognition.

Your cover photo might be a photo of:

  • you at a book signing or interacting with readers
  • a display of your book covers
  • a scene related to one of your books

Use the Facebook “pin” feature

For important information, use the “pin” feature to fix a new post at the top of your page. It might be a welcome message or news about a special promotion you want people to see first when they open your page. But be sure it’s current!

Keep your content fresh

To keep people coming back to your page:

  • post fresh content regularly—at least daily.
  • post photos. Visuals attract attention. Use tools such as PicMonkey or Canva to create multiple photo sets or personalized photos.
  • share video clips. Video is the fastest growing tool for attracting readers on Facebook.
  • start a conversation by asking a question. (For example, ask readers what they look for in selecting a book in your genre.)
  • post informative links that will be helpful to your readers.
  • post a calendar of upcoming events—but be sure to keep it current!
  • build a story with multiple posts and photos associated with one topic.
  • announce scheduled speaking events

Engage your followers

As with other social media platforms, remember the importance of being social.

Engage your community with:

  • a highlight of a different reader each week
  • photos of contest winners
  • a spotlight on a local charity or mission you support

And remember to continue the conversations by responding to comments to your posts.

Gain insight from the Insights feature

The Insights feature is found in the horizontal menu bar at the top of your page. Take advantage of this feature to learn more about the effectiveness of your posts.

Using Insights, you can gather information about:

  • your page “Likes”
  • the reach of your posts (how many people saw the post)
  • engagement (how many people responded with a “Like,” a comment, or a share)
  • your followers: who they are, where they are located, and the days and times they most active on Facebook

Make it easy for your followers to take action

Make it easy for followers to take action by creating a button for what you want them to do. Examples include making a purchase or subscribing to your blog or newsletter.

Take advantage of the menu on the left side of the page to create links to your blog and Pinterest account.

With a little planning and a small investment of time daily, you can ensure you have the right “face” on Facebook!

* * *

Ava Pennington (www.AvaWrites.com) is an author, speaker, and Bible Study Fellowship teacher. Her most recent book is Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional, endorsed by Kay Arthur.

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