Sneak Peek: Dot by Dot

Hi, there. Vicki Moss—contributing editor of Southern Writers Magazine and author—here.

Looks like we’re fast approaching September and the Write2Ignite conference, and as usual, I can’t wait to cross the South Carolina line. This year, I’ll be teaching two classes: “The Journey towards Finding Your Writing Voice” and “Connecting the Dots.” Believe it or not, there is a connection between the two classes. Dot by dot.

“The Journey towards Finding Your Writing Voice”

In my class “The Journey towards Finding Your Writing Voice,” we’ll discuss what’s going on in your life. Yeah. You might want to jot down some notes this summer. For instance, maybe the water hose connected to your sprinkler reminds you of those snake dreams you had as a child and still have as an adult. Mmmm-hmmm. You just thought you weren’t ever going to dream about reptiles again.

Or maybe you dreamed that your son-in-law gave you one job while he was out of town. And that was to feed raw chicken to his young adult lion. But you forgot and found yourself driving all over town to find the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken establishment. “Fried chicken is better than nothing,” you reasoned. And rightly so: your life depended on that fried chicken.

Oh, wait. That was my dream from last week. But when it comes to dreams, I’m sure you’ve had some doozies too. In my class “The Journey towards Finding Your Writing Voice,” we’ll discuss how to turn those dreams (and snaky hoses) into stories that roar with voice.

“Connecting the Dots”

In my “Connecting the Dots” class, we’ll talk about the “dots,” or happenings, in your life that have steered you toward a writing career and where those dots and connections might or should be taking you in the future. So be thinking about your dots and the steps you’ve already taken on your writer’s journey.

I’ll try my very best to help you figure out your pilgrim’s progress—perhaps over a fried chicken leg in the cafeteria during meal breaks. One step at a time—one leg at a time. Now that could be a catchy subtitle. Or book title. Think of a dazzling title to go with that subtitle, and you just might win a prize for coming up with the best one. Prize to be decided. This conference is already getting fun!

Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. I’ll be there to help. If you come to one of my classes, I promise to tell you how my lion dream ended.


Vicki Moss is the author of several books listed on her website, Her books include How to Write for Kids’ Magazines and Writing with Voice. A former newspaper pundit and contributor to Yvonne Lehman’s Divine Moments series, she’s published over five hundred articles in her previous newspaper column and various magazines.

Her latest inspirational book, Nailed It! The Nail Salon Chronicles (Grace Publishing), which is coauthored with N. A. Banda, was released in July of 2018. No lion dream stories are in the book, but there is a story included about a woman meeting Jesus at Disneyland. Kid you not!

Connect with Vicki on Instagram (vickihmoss), her Facebook page, and Twitter (@VickiMoss). You can also find her on Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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