Photo Sessions for the 2018 Conference

Do you have a professional headshot? If so, how long has it been since it was taken? Good headshots can be extremely valuable at helping you promote your work. They can be used on business cards, in articles, on book jackets, on blogs, and elsewhere.

At the 2018 Write2Ignite conference, you’ll have an opportunity for an inexpensive photo session with a professional photographer!

Derek Eckenroth—an “award-winning university photographer, experienced wedding photographer, and aspiring real-estate and automotive photographer”—will conduct photo sessions during the conference. You can find many beautiful examples of his photography work on his website,

At the conference, photo sessions will be held in the Craft-Hemphill Center, room 207. The fee for each photo session is $35, and you’ll receive four to six usable headshots. The photographer will email digital files to you within two weeks of the conference.

If you’d like to have a photo session, please make an appointment ahead of time by contacting Write2Ignite registrar and financial director Cathy Biggerstaff at

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