Benefits of Growing Your Email Distribution List

Email ListsPlatform.

We hear it so often we want to scream, “Enough, already!” Yes, we know we need a growing platform. It’s why we spend hours on social media, trying to grow our lists of friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter and Instagram. And it’s why we wrack our brain attempting to come up with clever posts and memes that will generate lots of likes and hopefully go viral.

After all that work, oh look! I gained 5 friends and 3 followers! Or perhaps I have 3,000 followers, but the Facebook algorithm displayed my post on a mere 25 feeds.

So what should you do? Give up?

Don’t give up on social media. But do rearrange your platform priorities.

Here are five benefits of growing your email distribution list:

  1. You own your list.

Social media platforms such as Facebook own their site. They can—and do!—change their algorithms to suit their needs. So although you may have 3,000 “Likes” on your author page, Facebook might release your post to the newsfeeds of 50-100 of your followers, if you’re fortunate. To ensure all your followers see your post, you’d need to “boost” it (aka pay) for your post to be seen.

  1. Email is more popular than social media.

More people have email than are on social media. Which means you can reach more people by email than by all the social media accounts combined.

  1. Email behavior is trackable.

You have a wealth of information available through your email newsletter provider. Open rates, click-through rates – it’s all available. This information will help you craft future emails that are more targeted.

  1. Segmented lists mean more personalized communication.

Based on how you segment your list, you can personalize your email communication. This will encourage increased open rates. Or you can personally target subscribers who have not opened your recent emails to encourage renewed interest.

  1. Email newsletters will help grow your social media accounts.

Include links in your emails to your social media accounts to help grow your followers!

So as you work to grow your platform, don’t stop your efforts on social media. But do make building your email newsletter distribution list your new priority!

11 thoughts on “Benefits of Growing Your Email Distribution List

  1. Great info, Ava. But I’m wondering about the picture book audience. They won’t be able to read newsletters (and I know the parents will), but I still wanted to include the kids. So I came up with a Dragon Club for Willoughby fans. Willoughby and Friends is my children’s fantasy book series. I already have the Birthday Club, but once the website is up and running, parents will be able to sign their kiddos up for a small fee, and I’ll send out a small newsletter, book swag, birthday cards, etc. throughout the year. All geared toward kids.

    What do you think about that idea? I’m hoping it works to increase readership and sell books, because right now, it’s not doing as well as I hoped. And I’m marketing it, using everything I’ve ever learned at conferences.

    1. yes- I want to connect with parents, too.

      Kim & I have loads of book swag. Coloring pages, stickers, temporary tattoos, book marks, etc. and we have particular things for giveaways that pertain to each book. We’ve had local book parties that were pretty well attended, too. And I got my first public school visit last week! And I’ve advertised in Story Monsters Ink, had an interview in Family Fiction Magazine, and advertise with Realm Makers by having an ad in the conference book and also book swag in the conference bags. I also blog about Willoughby and try to post often on his Facebook page. He even has an Instagram account to track his travels!

      I’m doing so many things right, get great reviews and all, but still book sales aren’t great. I can only put it down to all the choices parents & kids have. Soooooo many books to choose from!

    1. Hi, Brenda –
      You might want to subscribe to other authors’ email newsletters to get a feel for the types of items that can be included. And start collecting email addresses now in preparation for your first e-newsletter. You don’t have to send it out weekly or monthly. Consider sending a quarterly e-newsletter – less intimidating to do it every 3 months!

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