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Faculty Focus

This is Brenda Covert’s 5th year with W2I. In the past she participated as an editor and taught a poetry workshop for the Teen Track. Now she is the critiques coordinator and manages W2I’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. She  loves teen authors since they are some of the most creative, imaginative, quirky people in the world! Brenda says, “There is little in life more satisfying than witnessing a quiet teen author enthusiastically sharing ideas and poetry during my workshop!” Social media is her guilty pleasure. 🤓[spacer height=”20px”]




Faculty Focus


Keynote by Edie Melson

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  1. Kudos, Brenda! :) So glad I was able to meet you at W2I conference in the past & then, become one of your many friends, fans, and team members. (I hope that sentence was grammatically correct)! :)

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