Why Should I Attend a Conference AGAIN?

Conference season will be kicking up again in the fall, including the Write2Ignite Master Class. And it’s not too early to start planning.

Now, you may be thinking, I’ve been to a writer’s conference—maybe even several. So why should you attend yet another one – even an online one?

Perhaps you’ve shared the following objections:

Objection: Conferences are costly when you consider the combination of registration fees and travel expenses.

Response: If you’re serious about developing your writing skills and network, the cost of a writers’ conference should be considered an investment rather than a cost. You are investing in your writing career.

Of course, we’re called to be wise stewards of our finances. So why not add a new line item to your next annual budget so you can set aside a portion of the conference price each month. Or budget an amount that would enable you to attend on alternate years. Also, consider creative ways to raise funds. Maybe you can sell homemade crafts or baked goods. Or ask that birthday and Christmas gifts go toward the price of registration.


Objection: It’s difficult to carve out such a large chunk of time to attend a large conference.

Response: We can’t stop the passage of time, but we can choose how we use that time. The days, weeks, and months will pass. The question is, how much farther along will you be in your writing career? And not every conference is a massive five-day event. Consider a focused, one-day conference!


Objection: My family won’t understand/support my going to a conference.

Response: Of course, we have different seasons of life. Families with younger children will find it more difficult one parent to be out of town for an extended period of time. But if they don’t take your writing seriously, is it because they’re following your lead? Do you treat your writing as a hobby? Because if it’s not just a hobby, you need to be the first person to believe that and act like it!


Objection: The classes and workshops cover the same basic information.

Response: Have you applied everything you learned from your last conference? Hmmm…I thought not.

Are you aware of recent industry trends? What about the changing needs of traditional publishers? ‘Nuff said.


Objection: No one was interested in the proposal I submitted last year.

Response: Have you re-examined that proposal in light of what you learned at that conference and since? Editorial needs change from year to year. And, if you’re growing as a writer, then your own writing has developed beyond what it was last year. Besides,


Objection:  I’ve met all (or most of) those people at other conferences and we already connect by email.

Response: There’s no substitute for face time (and I’m not talking about the iPhone app!) for renewing old relationships. In the absence of attending a physical conference, video conferencing is helpful, too. And you don ‘t want to miss opportunities to connect with new people—folks who might be a future critique partner, agent, the acquisitions for your new book, or a future precious friend!


Of course, we can’t get to every conference we’d like to attend. And these days we’re in a season of online conferences due to the pandemic. But with effective planning and budgeting, writers’ conferences can have a significant impact on our publishing careers!

With all that said, here’s something for you to consider…
the Write2Ignite Master Class on writing fiction is coming up September 19, 2020. Great price at $99., but as we hear in television infomercials, “But wait, there’s more!” Early-bird pricing of $79. is available through August 1.

Begin preparing now to attend . . . and save money while you’re doing it!

4 thoughts on “Why Should I Attend a Conference AGAIN?

  1. I love attending writers conferences. This year, due to COVID 19, I am participating in online conferences. I truly enjoyed the Write2Ignite conference last year.

    1. We’re seriously considering making our master class virtual, Melissa. Stay tuned for more information. We’d like you to still be able to come!

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