Ways to Connect with Writers

Writing takes up a lot of alone time. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that many other writers are facing the same questions and struggles over the keyboard that you are. If you take the time to broaden your circle of writing peers, I guarantee that you and your writing will be better for it.

Here are some ways you can branch out and connect to other writers.

  1. Join a Facebook Group

Facebook or other social media groups are a great way of connecting with other people with the same interests as you. Plus, you can get good advice and resources to help make your writing journey easier. Be sure to participate with the posts. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated, especially us hard working writers.

  1. Go to a Writing Conference

A writing conference is a big step out of a typical writer’s comfort zone, but it is highly beneficial. The best networking happens at a writing conference. You get to learn new skills through workshops, gain experience and opportunities to pitch your work to publishers, ask questions with other writers, and peruse hundreds of new works. One of the best parts of a conference is the fact that you get to connect with people over something that you’re all passionate about: writing!

  1. Participate in a writing group

A writing group is an important way to exercise your craft. While your writing is getting looked over with fresh eyes, you can engage with your likeminded peers. A writing groups brings a variety of diverse perspective to the table (literally!) It’s also fun to share your experiences with others who understand and have these people support your writing accomplishments.

  1. Invite other authors/writers on your blog

When you extend an invitation to a fellow wordsmith to share their story on your blog, you’re making an instant connection that goes deeper than a name on a book or a screen. As a result, you both add to your wonderful content and support and encourage another writer in the process. It’s a win-win.

  1. Show your support

You don’t have to purchase every book or product that someone is selling, but every once in a while, it’s good to buy that ebook or paperback and leave a review. Enter that giveaway, comment on that post. Writers are working hard not only writing that book, but also building their presence and platform. Reward them with your engagement, even if it means spending a little money.


I love the writing community. I have found so much encouragement and support from the people that I’ve connected with throughout my journey. I encourage you to try these out–you might just walk away with some amazing new friends!

Leah Jordan Meahl writes to encourage both the rooted and the wandering Christian to go deeper. She’s a born and bred Jesus-follower hailing from Greenville, South Carolina. She’s a lover of devotional writing as well as fiction. Her newest book Pebbles: 31 days of faith enriching parables has just released on Amazon and Kindle. Visit her blog or her book page.

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