Writer, Do You Have the Cabin Fever Blues?


National Parks Virtual Tours

Being Thanksgiving Day, I want to show my gratitude for technology. If it weren’t for the Internet, Zoom, and our devices, we would be isolated indeed!

Virtual Research

Are you working on a manuscript, but finding it difficult to do the research you need, since many libraries and museums are closed or have limited hours? That’s where the Internet and something called “virtual tours” comes into play.

Let’s say your contemporary novel takes place in a national park. Thankfully, there are virtual national park tours to help you out.

If you are having trouble fleshing out your main characters, try these tools by Writers Helping Writers, Becca Puglisi, and Angela Ackerman. They’ve also created a stellar online resource to develop your plot, settings, and characters. It’s called One Stop for Writers. Here’s a video that introduces their product.


Virtual Tours for Kids

What if your kids need to do a research project, or you had plans to visit a museum, but due to the corona outbreak, your plans were canceled. Try these wonderful online museums and sites for inspiration! These, too, are specifically for the entire family. And here is a link to a variety of virtual field trips, but activities as well.

For travel lovers, Good Housekeeping’s virtual tours should keep boredom at bay.

Or maybe, you planned a trip to Disney World, but it fell through, much to the disappointment of the kids. Try this Frozen Ever After Tour.

Some Unique Tours

Here’s a unique idea – a virtual field trip with the new Google Earth.


And now, something for the adults. If you live in a city that hosts a Starbuck’s Reserve, fabulous. If not, go on the website and learn all about coffee!

Starbucks Chicago Roastery


Since ultimately, we need to thank God for our many blessings, I want to direct you to two women who have the gift of godly encouragement: Betsy Cruz at Faith Spilling Over  and Asheritah Ciuciu at  One Thing Alone

Hope you find plenty of ways to dispel cabin fever over the holidays – and in the process, be thankful for what God has graciously given you. How can you show your gratitude using your gift of words?

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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Season!

7 thoughts on “Writer, Do You Have the Cabin Fever Blues?

  1. First of all, Jarm, thank you so much for this! We just went into another lock down where I am, and it’s been a long year of mostly-locked down, and my husband and I love to travel. It’s starting to get to my husband as we do try to travel somewhere interesting every year, and so this will make a great “lockdown date night” activity. I’m so excited.

    Second, you are lovely for mentioning Writers Helping Writers and One stop for Writers. We are so glad our tools and descriptive databases are helping you and other writers. <3

    We'll get through his, and hopefully the end is in sight.

    Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate!

    1. So good to hear from you, Angela. It’s an honor to share your resource! And I’m glad you found a few ideas for date night. Yes, we do celebrate — and we had a wonderful time with family

  2. Good post. We have so much more available to us than did our parents, yet we seem to be more ungrateful for them. The ability to do virtual tours, while not as stimulating as physically being there is something no other generation has enjoyed.

    I try to go out to my daughter’s or my son’s houses in the country to get me out of the house and out of the city for a while. Just going to a park in the city that has a lake to walk around is a help and stimulus. Finding such a place where one is out of the house to watch a tour on a smartphone can add an element to the research, as well.

  3. Jarm this is such a great resource. I often just need a getaway like these tours supply. For me, getaways are also a great stimulus for writing. Next year, when the weather allows, I’ll be back to the smell of old logs in John Oliver’s cabin (Cades Cove GSMNP) but for now I’ll enjoy your virtual tours. Thanks for sharing.

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