CHRISTMAS 2020 – CELEBRATE! by Jean Hall

I’m baking.

The wonderful aromas of spices, vanilla & chocolates fill my house. My kitchen is a big mess with flour & sugar everywhere. Chocolate chips & sprinkles decorate my island. My little freezer is bulging with the goodies I’m making to share with the people I love.

It’s my thing. Baking and cooking delicious food for others. I get a lot of joy out of watching them enjoy (or pretend to enjoy) the stuff I serve them.

I also bake to celebrate!

  • To celebrate Your birth, Dear Jesus
  • To celebrate our love for each other among family and friends
  • To celebrate the bounty of gifts God gives us

As I prepare sweet treats to share, I think of all the delicious blessings God pours into my life, And there are plenty of them.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for friends and family to celebrate with. To exchange gifts with. To share good wishes with. Thank You for days of celebration. Even in the season of COVID-19 restrictions we still have each other.

Maybe we do have to meet using Zoom. Maybe our get-togethers are much smaller this year. Maybe we won’t be attending a dozen social gatherings and taking a $10 gift to each one. But we still have Christmas. And we can still celebrate within our hearts.

Maybe we’re doing our shopping online instead of in crowded, noisy malls and department stores. Is that really so awful?

Musicals and concerts, live nativities and decked-out malls all have their place. But this year, 2020, they are taking last place. Maybe it’s fitting. Maybe we need to remember that Christ alone should have first place in this season.

Make your Christmas 2020 a merry one. The celebrating begins inside your heart.

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