Bullet Journaling: Organizing Your Writing Life in the New Year

Bullet Journal: Decorative Stickers

Are you looking forward to a New Year with no mistake (to paraphrase Anne of Green Gables)? Have you been searching for another way to keep track of all your writerly progress?


It’s a unique method for organizing your life – no matter what your profession.

I have been using the bullet journal method for over four years, and I’m hooked. At first, I penned in my complete calendar, week by week, leaving what I thought would be enough space for each day. I soon discovered some days didn’t change much, so I wasted the space. As you can see above, I skipped some days, and only added one when I had at least two or three new items to add. Believe it or not, I started the bullet journal below in 2016, and I still have a number of clean pages for the New Year!

My Bullet Journal: Jarm Del Boccio, author


It helps me keep track of the things I need to do on a daily basis, using a Legend with keys to identify my tasks:

Bullet Journal: Legend


When I complete the tasks, I simply cross them out. If I get very little accomplished one day, I don’t begin another day’s list but continue to check off items from the day before. If I’ve had a productive day, with many crossed out items, I begin another day’s list. Sometimes, I miss an entire week if I’m on vacation!!


Bullet Journal: Weekly Tasks


Not only can you use a bullet journal for writing tasks, but also for making lists for writing-related topics. Here is an example:



Bullet Journal: Checklists


Since I no longer assemble physical family photo albums, I use the many Creative Memory stickers I’ve accumulated through the years to embellish the pages:


For more information, check out the website for the official Bullet Journal. And here is a lovely Bullet Journal set you can purchase on Amazon in time for the New Year. I love this woman’s enthusiasm and innovative ideas at Tiny Ray of Sunshine.

I hope this has encouraged you to begin the New Year by organizing your writing tasks with a bullet journal.

Bullet Journal: Stickers

In this frustrating and uncertain time, may you find joy and hope in the Christmas Story!

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus by Asheritah CiuCiu


For more on Asheritah’s book and Advent activities, check out her website: One Thing Alone

Her posts and writings have been a huge encouragement to me! How have you brought joy into your home during a dark time? Are you able to write about it?

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