Early Reader Review – Gus Makes a Fuss

by Jean Matthew Hall

Gus Makes a Fuss is a cute and funny introductory story to Puddle Dog Press’ Pet Sitters series for new readers (in grades one through three). Our own Penny Reeve co-authors this series.

Lina and Cassie have been best friends forever.  They are as different as can be. But they make a great team. When the girls realize that Gus (their neighbor’s cat) can actually talk to them, they team up with the feisty feline for zany and fun adventures.

Gus Makes a Fuss has some terrific features. It’s an e-book which makes it convenient and inexpensive for parents and kids. It’s funny and exciting. The Map of Barefoot Springs in the front of the book helps readers get an accurate idea of the setting of the story. And the note at the beginning helps readers outside Australia understand some of the vocabulary differences in the text of the story.

And best of all, Gus Makes a Fuss is available now as a free e-book or audio download on the Puddle Dog Press website. The audio version is well done and will help brand new readers as they follow along.

Cassie, Lina and Gus will keep your young readers laughing and trying to guess what sort of mess the trio will get into next. They won’t even realize they are learning about values like friendship, honesty and dependability.

I highly recommend Puddle Dog Press’ Pet Sitters series for your budding readers.

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