16 Reasons to Attend Laura Sassi’s Picture Book Master Class by Carol Baldwin

I asked our participants what they are looking forward to learning at Laura Sassi’s picture book class. Each of these is a reason to attend!

This is what they said:

A list of traditional publishers currently accepting submissions would be great. Joyce M.

How to get started putting a children’s book together. Michelle S.

How do I get the book in my head onto paper. Michelle E.

I’m excited to learn her process for creating picture books!  Debbie A.

I’m excited to learn about story structures and pacing for picture books!  Karley C.

I am looking forward to working with a professional who is passionate about her work. Theresa P.

I hope to learn techniques that make my stories are more engaging.  Cindy S.

I’m looking forward to Laura’s approach to writing fiction that editors like and want to publish. Jean H.

Inspiration! Brenda C.

I’m looking forward to learning from a multi-published picture book author and meeting other writers! Sally M.

Tips for pacing and page turns — how to make these especially impactful for children who are reading or being read to; how Laura decides what structure to use for different picture book subjects. Debbie D.

I want to know more about dividing the story into page turns. Gail C.

I want to learn how to write in rhyme . Carol B.

I want to learn anything and everything. At 65 I’m still very new to this, so know it will all be helpful. Barb S.

And One More Reason….


Every participant automatically is entered into the drawing for a door prize–one of Laura’s books!


Registration ends April 21! What are you waiting for? Register now!

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