Making Images for Book Marketing

It’s my 2nd book birthday! I can’t believe The Heart Changer debuted with Ambassador International on April 26th, 2019. Looking back, my book launch was a busy but rewarding time. Knowing I needed to continue marketing (not always easy for me), I am repurposing my launch images to be used this month to celebrate The Heart Changer’s birthday. Come along and see how you can use images for your debut book or in marketing yourself or your brand. Let’s go!

I created the above image as a logo, to be used in advertising, or as a social media profile. I tweaked my brand colors to have more of a historical feel and the logo represents my career as a historical fiction author.

Celebrating Good News

I also wanted to celebrate my accomplishments, so I created the image above on Canva, my go-to website. This one I used on Instagram and Twitter to announce The Heart Changer’s book awards. As seen in the image below, I adhered the stickers to the front of my copy — the one I use for read-alouds.

Images for Quotes

Then there are times I want to share a quote or two from my book. Other times as the image above shows, I want to share a quote about writing or refer to other books that relate to the theme of The Heart Changer (below). When possible, I display my website URL at the bottom of the image.

Then, there are times I want to encourage other authors by sharing their ‘wish list’, so I create an image like the one below.

Images for FB Live Book Launch

Then, there are events like Facebook Live for which I need a steady flow of images to schedule on my page during the time allotted. They ask questions which participants can answer in the comments to be entered into a giveaway.

At times, I want to share my writing process. The two images below reveal an aspect of my publishing journey.

Creating Book Ad Images

And lastly, there are times for advertising, so I do so with these images: the first lists a phrase from three of my reviews, and the second, one I used a week before Easter to encourage folks to purchase my book for their daughter’s basket!

I’m sure you see ways to adapt my ideas to your debut book. If you don’t have a book that will be published soon, some of these ideas can be remade to reflect the process you are going through right now in writing your book — where you get your ideas, the world you are building, your character’s traits, etc. The sky is the limit — especially when you have Canva to help!

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Curious about how a Facebook Live Author’s event works? Well, join me on my FB Page on April 26th from 4:30 -5 pm CST. If you can’t make it then, check it out later in the evening or the next morning — you can still be entered into the giveaways up to 24 hours later. Hope to see you there!

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