Takeaways from The Master Class on Picture Books: Here’s What You Learned by Carol Baldwin

The Write2Ignite team was thrilled to have so many new W2I attendees at our Master Class on April 24 with Laura Sassi. I asked our participants to share some takeaways from the class. Here are some of their enthusiastic responses.

Because of the power of Zoom, we had folks from Montana, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee, Indiana and Wisconsin join us!

“This class was fantastic. There is SO much to learn and this class was extremely thorough on this topic! Great feedback and great participants!” Mary C.

“This was so rich with information and example texts to support.  Top notch — one of the best I have been to!  Absolutely wonderful!” Liz S.

“I’m so excited to leave with a brand new picture book idea. I can’t wait to write it!” Brenda C.

“I learned more about submitting manuscripts and writing book proposals in the future.” Janice G.

From Laura’s First Workshop on Pacing, Page Turns, and Picture Clues

 “After a year of pandemic life, this bubble filled with picture book writers was so inspiring. Thank you for a fantastic day!” Rhonda P.

“Laura Sassi knows her genre. She has such an infectious spirit. This was professionally done and I would recommend experiences like this workshop to others.” Theresa P. 

“Laura’s presentation Scaffolds and Skeletons helped by giving me a list of popular picture book structures that I can use to help shape my stories. This helps give me direction and an outline for my book, which is something I struggle with.” Cindy Lynn S.

Cathy B.  “My creative juices have been revived because of this Master. I’m looking forward to revisiting some of my manuscripts I’ve left in a drawer for too long.” Cathy B.

From Laura’s workshop on Writing Rhyming Picture Books

 “Such a treat today – with so many little treasures!” Sharon M.

“Learning about different picture book story structures was super informative! The different formats have given me a slew of ideas I’m excited to get started on.” Karley C.

“Laura is an outstanding speaker! Every slide presentation, spoken example, story reading samples – Laura’s teaching support is exceptional.” Penny M.

“Information and Inspiration were showered upon us today at the Write2Ignite conference! Lauri Sassi gave amazing tips and insights! This workshop is really going to be helpful as I am working on a picture book. I am glad that I had this opportunity before I complete this book! My book will be heading down the right road now!!“ Vonda H.

“Thanks so much, I thoroughly enjoyed the event. It was very informational and gave such good direction to revisit my projects that are in the works.” Jean T.

From the Rhyming Picture Book Workshop

 “I enjoyed the practical sessions on rhyme and structure. Laura has great wisdom to share!” Mindy B.

“I learned so much today and got to meet other Christians who write for children. I highly recommend Write2Ignite for those ready to progress to the next level whether a beginner or more advanced writer.” Janice G.

 “Laura was a great teacher. Each session had something you can use as a children’s picture book writer.” Jean T. 

From the Pacing, Page Turns, and Picture Clues Workshop

“Takeaways for today include the importance of trying different approaches (structure, language style, etc.) for a story that may not be working or getting accepted, and developing more awareness of pacing, transitions, and other factors. Interactions with other writers as well as Laura’s presentations have been inspirational!” Deborah D.

“Thank you for a wonderful day.  It is raining here, but the class brought sunshine to my life today.  I learned so much and now I am energized to try writing!!” Melanie E.

Participants left energized and excited about their picture book projects–and ready to come together in small critique groups. We appreciate everyone who attended! The team will be back soon with information about our fall Master Class on writing for young adults.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to get back to the picture book ideas that have been living in my filing cabinet and my computer’s hard drive. If you’ll excuse me, I have a few books to work on…. Carol

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to be your master teacher for the day. It was a delightful gathering with a lovely group of wonderful writers with a heart for sharing our faith through story.

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