Designing a Canva Image

Have you been intrigued with Canva but found it intimidating? Well, now is your chance to explore it. All you need is a free Canva account and a bit of patience and time. You will find it fun and inspiring – I guarantee it!

Take a listen to my tutorial below and see what you think. . .

So what do you use Canva images for? Everything! Social media posts, banners and covers. Logos and Facebook Ads. Business cards and website banners and images. The possibilities are endless.

A fun Instagram post
The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio
An image for your book birthday celebration!
Martin Luther quote
A favorite quote

You will never run out of possibilities with Canva. Take some time and play around with the templates, and upload your own images. And let me know in the comments below what aspects of Canva you would like me to focus on in next month’s post. Until then, upload your book cover or a photo of you in some aspect of your writing life into your Canva account, and we will use it next month in another tutorial.

Have you used Canva? If so, for what? And which feature do you use the most frequently?

What Do You Think?