Websites for YA Writers

Compiled by Jean Matthew Hall

If you would like to read up on writing for young adults before our September 18, 2021 Master Class with Tessa Emily Hall here are a few helpful website.

Some contain quick tips. Some go into much more depth. They are handy resources for you to refer to again and again. Just click on the links below.

A suggestion for newer writers – create a file in your bookmarks (favorites) for Writing YA. Save these links to that file and you’ll always be ready to learn or review this great information.

We need your help! If you have other favorite websites that you use when writing for young adults do us a favor, please, and leave the link or address in the comments below. Thanks!

Jean with Write2Ignite

Go Teen Writers by Stephanie Morrill, Shannon Dittemore and Jill    Williamson

Julian Daventry Memories by             Helena George

Writing Tips for Beginner Writers by Melody Carlson

Writing Tips by Tricia Goyer

Writing Resources by Jacquelin Thomas

Camy Tang

Jill Williamson

Gotham Writers


Jane Friedman

Writers In the Storm

Tanglewood Books 


Writer’s Edit



Historical Fiction by Ohio State University

Write a Young Adult Novel Mary Kole

Writing Resources by Sally Apokedak

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