Rumors, Reunions, and Revenge: A New YA Fantasy & Authors Interview

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Since our Virtual Master Class on Writing for Young Adults is just a month away, we have been focusing on books, trends, and advice for writers whose passion is young adult novels for Christian youth. In that spirit, It’s my pleasure to be one of the first to introduce Helena George and Sarah Rodecker‘s third book in their young adult “Pirate Hunter Chronicles” series, Rumors, Reunions and Revenge.

Helena is no stranger to this blog. She most recently wrote about Writing Clean YA Fantasy and has some serious writing under her belt! The first book in the “Pirate Hunter Chronicles” series, Ships, Secrets, and Survivors was reviewed here.

Book Blurb

A wealthy duke from a mysterious island.

Rumors of the dead walking.

And siren songs of immortality.

A year has passed, and another Scaera Dumeda is about to begin. Captain Adi and the rest of the pirate hunter crew are escorting the Belfarren nobles when they come across a fleet claiming to belong to the Pirate Nation, led by the last person she ever expected to see again. Perhaps it’s not as easy to leave her past behind as she thought.

As Ravin settles into his new life he begins to consider the del Mankayl clan and others in his family who might want to run away as he did. But when an opportunity comes to rescue a relative, is he truly making a difference or is he only putting his loved ones in danger by bringing a violent assassin on board?


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I asked Helena and Sarah a few questions about their upcoming book. Here is what they had to say:

CAROL: What excites you about this book?

HELENA:  I am really excited about Ravin’s relationships in this book. How he grows comfortable with Adi, how he learns what it’s like to have a father that doesn’t want to kill or hurt him, how he deals with others in the del Mankayl clan. Ravin is such a kind soul, but he also had a tough life growing up, and seeing him attempt a “normal” life is heartwarming.

SARAH: I’m most excited about how we see the ramifications of each of the characters’ growth during the first two books. They’re now starting to lean into who they have become and it’s really exciting to watch, especially with Ravin and Adi. They have had to go through a lot of change and they’ve come out on the other side as better, stronger people. 

CAROL: That’s so cool! I can tell you both love these characters! Next, what was the most fun to write?

HELENA: My favorite part to write was, honestly, the first chapter. I’d been waiting to write that scene for a loooooong time (and anything with Justin is enjoyable, as well).

SARAH: The most fun part for me to write were the dark, gritty parts involving a certain character that I will leave nameless for the sake of spoilers. That character is such a nasty worm of a person and having their darkness clash with Adi’s noble personality is very interesting to write. 

CAROL: Fine answers, ladies! Finally, what was the most challenging part to write?

HELENA: The most challenging bit, honestly, was when they get captured by the pirate nation. I hate writing fight scenes, especially when lots of characters are involved!

SARAH: I agree with Helena: I hate writing fight scenes, especially when there are lots of characters to keep track of. It gets tedious. 

CAROL: Thank you and best wishes!


Helena and Sarah in 2019.

Helena George can’t remember when she first started writing…crafting stories has always been something she’s done. She attended her first Write2Ignite conference in 2018. When she’s not writing, she can be found riding horses in the mountains or blogging under her pen name Julian Daventry. Helena is the author of The Red War Annals, and co-author of The Pirate Hunter Chronicles.

Sarah Rodecker is a Christian twenty-something who adores all things cats, coffee, and check-lists. She’s been writing since she was eight, dabbling in everything from mystery to contemporary, finally finding her calling in the speculative fiction realm. When she’s not banging away at her keyboard – or, more accurately, banging her head against her desk – she can be found dabbling in one of her many hobbies. Sarah is co-author of the Pirate Hunter Chronicles. You can connect more with her at her website,, on her YouTube channel @Sarah Rodecker, and on her Instagram @sarahrodecker.  


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