by Jean Matthew Hall August 2021

The following list contains our recommendations for young adult readers. Tessa Emily Hall and Write2Ignite Team members contributed to this list. PLEASE, if you have other suggestions for Christian or Clean YA books,

Please leave the titles and/or authors in the comments below.

We will post this list permanently on our website after we receive your suggestions.

You can do three things to help all of us find quality books for our young adults.

(1) Check with churches in your area to see if they have lending libraries. You might be surprised. Then give them this list as suggestions for purchasing.

(2) Talk with your local public librarian to see if they have a Christian or Clean Young Adult section. If not, ask them to develop one. Volunteer to help. We need to give our young adults reading options.

(3) If you are a writer or author jump into the YA market by writing the book you wanted to read when you were a teenager. If you want to do that a great place to start is our Writing for Young Adults Master Class on September 18, 2021, via Zoom. Tessa Emily Hall will lead our workshops.

Click HERE for info.

Thanks, ya’ll!

  • Laura Anderson Kurk Glass Girl
  • Cindy Coloma Beautiful
  • Cindy Coloma Caleb + Kate
  • Jenny B. Jones There You’ll Find Me 
  • Nicole Quigley Like Moonlight at Low Tide
  • Serena Chase Intermission
  • Stephanie Morrill The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt
  • Tessa Emily Hall Purple Moon
  • Taylor Bennett Porch Swing Girl
  • Vijaya Bodach Bound
  • Helena George and Sarah Rodecker “Pirate Hunter Chronicles” series
  • Sally Apokedak The Button Girl
  • Patrick Carr “The Staff and the Sword” series
  • Anne Elisabeth Stengle “Tales of Goldstone Wood.”
  • Robert Treskillard’s “The Merlin Spiral” series by
  • Bryan Davis “Dragons in our Midst” series and other series
  • Jill Williamson “Blood of Kings” series and “Kinsman Chronicles” series
  • Lindsay Franklin’s “Weaver Trilogy” series
  • Shawn Smucker’s novel The Day the Angels Fell
  • Melanie Dickerson “Fairy Tale Romance” series revisits and reimagines fairy tales
  • Kara Swanson’s Dust and Shadow, in the “Heirs of Neverland” series
  • Kristine Kindberg The Means that Make Us Strangers
  • Mitali Perkins You Bring the Distant Near
  • Chris Fabry June Bug
  • Lindsay Franklin’s “Weaver Trilogy”
  • Sally Apokedak The Button Girl
  •  S.E. Clancy’s Victoria Grace, The Jerkface
  • Jody Hedlund “Love and Honor” series
  • Sadie Roberson Life Just Got Real
  • Bonnie Calhoun “Stone Bridge Chronicles” series 
  • Melanie Dickerson Silent Songbird
  • Mary Weber The Evaporation of Sofi Snow
  • Chuck Black 13 novels in “Kingdom” series
  • Sara Ella “Unblemished” trilogy
  • Lisa Clark Discovered
  • Rachelle Dekker Returning
  • Jason C. Joyner “Rise of the Anointed” series
  • Frank Peretti
  • Karen Hancock
  • Donita K. Paul


  • Madeleine L’Engle
  • J. R. R. Tolkien
  • C. S. Lewis


  1. Perhaps someone to add to your list – check out Mereda Hart Farynyk books – she is a local, much-loved Christian author who writes fantasy, fairy tale and other genres, not specifically labeled YA but certainly appropriate. We’ve recently added several of her books to the library.

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