Writing Devotions: It’s More Than Just a Message

Along with the devotions, there are Family Beatitudes: biblical blessings for happy families, Chat Prompts: conversations starters, Wrap Up: discussion ideas…and more!

Writing devotions for children has an exciting caveat: we get to write lots of fun stuff to go along with the key message as well.

Of course, the meat and main course (or tofu if you’re vegetarian!) of the devotion is the devotion itself. There is a main point, supporting details, and a take-away value. Children’s devotions use engaging language to draw young readers in. Add to this a universal theme that tugs at every child’s heart and a deep spiritual lesson learned (without being preachy!) and you’ve got a winning devotion.

But then there’s the added fun! The side dishes and dessert. Perhaps even an appetizer! In other words, there are other items on the menu that we get to include with our children’s devotion to take it to an even deeper level.

These cool devotions include Fido 411: fun facts, Weekly Tail-Watters: take-action thoughts, Digging Deeper: questions to challenge…and more!

Prayer: Many children’s devotions include a simple prayer for the child (or family) to pray.

Bible Verse: Often a Bible verse is included that is the basis for the actual devotion. You can choose to write this as the appetizer or opening of the devotion, or save it for the end.

Fun Fact: If a devotion is centered around a theme such as dinosaurs or puppy dogs, a fun fact is often included that really catches the interest of the reader.

These devotions even include fun puzzles for boys to do!

Activity or Craft: Some devotions include a simple activity or craft for the reader to do to reinforce the theme of the devotion.

Dictionary Definition: Kids love learning big words and some devotions include a giant-sized word from the devotion itself so they can learn its definition. It’s a glossary of sorts, one word and one devotion at a time.

Spiritual Application: Some devotions include a section to dig deeper or ponder or apply the spiritual concept to their heart.

These dino devos include Jurassic Journaling: journal prompts, Bible Excavation: Bible verse, Dino Stats: fun facts…and more!

Yes, there are items like this, and more, that children’s devotions often include along with the main message. They can be written in sidebars or listed with icons that repeat in each different devotion. And usually (and this is the most fun!) they have a catchy title for each different item that goes along with the devotion’s theme.

So if you’re interested in writing devotions for kids or families with kids, check out current children’s devotions such as the ones listed here. Look for lists of extras that these devotions include and experiment with catchy titles and examples that you can include in yours.

For this preschool edition, the extras ARE the devotions! Royal Words: Bible verses, Princess Thoughts: simple message, A Prayer for the King: prayers to pray, and Princess in Action: simple activities.


Writing kid-friendly devotions are one of the best ways to break into the world of Christian children’s publishing! Plus, there are oodles of publishers who are looking for more devotions including online sites, print magazines, and book publishers. Want to learn how to write devotions and get God’s message into the hands and hearts of kids? Register today to attend Write2Ignite’s Master Class on Saturday, April 23, 2002 taught by the master of devotion writing herself, Karen Whiting! CLICK HERE for more details.

Do you have a heart to write devotions for kids and/or families? Post a comment to let us know about your journey in this genre!

Written by Nancy I. Sanders. Click on Nancy’s name at the top of this article to learn more about her and her writing.

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