Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember by Guest Blogger Michelle Weltz

Everyone likes a good party, especially one that gives you a personalized invitation in the shape of a puzzle piece. This is how Tim Tebow’s debut picture book, “Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember,” begins. The animals in the story each receive their own unique puzzle piece with the invitation stating: “Come find our special party full of music, fun, and treats. We’ll have a big ol’ puzzle, though it won’t yet be complete. Yours is the missing piece.”

One thing about parties is they can often make you feel self-conscious. Bronco, the main character, feels exactly like this. As a pup who wears blue-rimmed glasses, he wonders how he could possibly be special enough to attend this party. So, Bronco throws his invitation out. As he encounters other animals throughout the day, Bronco realizes how important attending this celebration is for them. Although he’s decided not to go, he figures he could still use his special gifts of hearing and smelling to get his friends to the event. Along the way, Bronco learns that each animal has their own challenges that make them different. For instance, a rabbit whose ears are too long, a bird that can’t fly, and a goat who can’t stop sneezing. Bronco models true friendship as he encourages each animal that they belong at the party.

Will they make it to the special event? I suggest you pick up a copy of this children’s picture book and find out!

The recommended ages for this picture book are three to seven. However, at 40 pages, it may be a bit long to read out loud to some small children. The colorful illustrations by Jane Chapman really make the pages pop. She introduces different animals on the pages and adds in a few surprises in the background for curious children. Jane also did the illustrations for Laura Sassi’s book, “Goodnight Ark.”  I will admit Jane’s wonderful cover drew me in to purchase, “Bronco and Friends.” I also appreciated the message of the story which inspires children to recognize and celebrate their own unique gifts that God gave them.

“You are unique. You are special. And you are wonderful.”

Author: Tim Tebow with A.J. Gregory

Illustrator: Jane Chapman

Release Date: January 2021

Available at: Christianbook, Costco, Target, and Walmart

As a long-time resident of Montana, Michelle Weltz, loves hiking, kayaking, and skiing. Besides that, Michelle has always had a creative spirit. Her father taught her to draw at an early age. When she moved to Montana, she developed a fondness for photography. Most recently, she has focused on writing children’s stories. By attending Write2Ingnite Master Classes, she has gathered ideas for various stories about her two Labrador retrievers, Montana and Sky.  Michelle last posted about The National Day of Prayer.

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