Book Review, Bedtime With Daddy by Author Nancy Sanders

Interview with Author Nancy Sanders

Jean: Hi, Nancy. Thanks for chatting with me about your newest book. It is TOO cute. Because you’re such a successful author I have a few questions for you—things our Write2Ignite readers might want to know. Ready?

Nancy: Sure. Fire away.

Jean: I know you are an author with well over 100 published books, Nancy. Congratulations! But, how long have you been writing board books? How many have been published?

Nancy: When I first started writing 35 years ago I had a baby and toddler of my own. My dream was to write board books because that’s what I was reading to them! Early in my career, I was blessed to write half a dozen board/novelty books for Readers Digest children’s books, and also for Tyndale. Since then, I’ve written over 100 books for children (or for teachers to use with children). About a dozen of them have been board books.

Jean: Why do you write for such young children?Nancy: Over the course of my writing career, I’ve written for babies up through middle grade/young adult. I’ve written chapter books and picture books, early readers and books for teachers. I’ve written both fiction and nonfiction. My bestsellers have been the books for very young children, however, and these are also my favorite to write! Right now, I have the amazing opportunity to write these books and read them to my grandchildren ages 2-8. So much fun!

Author Nancy Sanders

Jean: What was your inspiration for Bedtime with Daddy, Nancy?

Nancy: I had just written a series of 48 reproducible mini-books for teachers to use featuring animals in habitats around the world. At the same time, I was brainstorming ideas to write about for a new bedtime book for babies. Both of these ideas (and my research) melded together and the concept for Bedtime with Mommy was born. It was only natural to want to write a book for the daddies of the world, too! So, Bedtime with Daddy is the second book in this series.

Jean: Bedtime With Daddy launched just last week. I’m excited for you. Tell us how we can order a copy (or more) for the kiddos in our lives. And how can our readers learn more about you?

Jean: Nancy, we are thrilled that you are part of our Write2Ignite Team. You joined us just this year. You’ve been a terrific addition. Thank you!

Nancy: You are so welcomed. I love being a part of this organization.

Nancy: You can order both books from your favorite local or online bookstore. Or you can order directly from the publisher (End Game Press often has amazing deals!) at Many folks tell me they like to order batches of these little books. They’re perfect for baby showers, neighborhood new baby gifts, Christmas gifts, and for sharing in your local Little Free Libraries, too!

Our readers can learn more about Bedtime with Daddy and Bedtime with Mommy at my website at:

They can follow me on their favorite social media sites under Nancy I. Sanders and follow my blog for children’s writers at: Oh! and they can read about me here on our Write2Ignite website, too.

Jean: Thanks, Nancy, for making the time to share with us.

Now, for Jean’s Review of Bedtime With Daddy.

Bedtime With Daddy by Nancy I. Sanders and illustrated by Felia Hanakata was released this month, September, 2022 by End Game Kidz.

Bedtime With Daddy is a fun but lovely and lyrical addition to your stash of bedtime books for little ones. Sanders’ sweet text carries toddlers and preschoolers through bushlands and high plateaus to mountains and tundras, then into dark caves. They’ll visit friendly gorillas, peacocks, reindeer, bats, and more animals as those daddies tuck them in tight for bed, and pray with them.

This is a sweet book that your little ones will love. Pair it with Sander’s companion book Bedtime with Mommy to make a wonderful birthday gift for the little person in your life.

BTW – the illustrations are colorful, happy, and adorable.

Jean Matthew Hall

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