He Restores My Soul by Mindy Baker

Do You Ever Experience Discouragement?

As a writer, there are many times I have felt discouraged and ready to quit. The author’s journey can feel like a maze of dead ends. Even when I have succeeded at meeting a major milestone, there is always something else that looms ahead, feeling out of reach and impossible. The reality is that the sting of rejection lingers. The comparison game clouds my thinking. The burdens and cares of this life remain. Add to that the responsibilities and demands of my full-time job, and my soul can become a deflated balloon. 

So, what should I do when this happens?  How can I find soul restoration and the ability to press on?

How Do You Press On?

The world says that there are many ways to restore our souls. Pampering at the salon, material wealth and comfort, traveling on an exotic vacation, multiple types of entertainment, all of which offer at least a measure of happiness, right? As enticing as those solutions can be, we all know that the relief is temporary at best. 

As writers we are told to attend conferences, join critique groups, study mentor texts…none of which are bad ideas, and all can bring some level of new motivation and enthusiasm. But my answer might surprise you. 

For me, I look to Jesus.

Even today I opened my Bible and turned to a familiar Psalm. Psalm 23. Verse three roared at me with startling clarity. “He restores my soul.” He…meaning THE LORD!  

How Can You Look to Jesus?

As I thought about this, memories flooded my mind of the Lord’s supernatural work of soul restoration in my life. Quiet moments when God spoke to me through a passage of Scripture, or times when the lyrics of a praise song called my heart back to the truth. Sunsets, nature walk, even basking at the starry sky has reminded me of the goodness and greatness of God and has offered me a reset, a renewal, and a revival from the Lord.

“Yes, Lord,” I whisper. “You restore my soul. You fill me up when I am empty. You love me with or without achievements or accomplishments. You are never too busy to listen to my cries for help, and you sustain me with daily manna and living water, leading me along the path you have set out for me one step at a time. Thank you for creating me to enjoy writing. I pray that my writing will bring glory to your name and accomplish the purpose that you have for it.

Do You Feel Ready to Quit?

I pray you will meet Jesus. If you’ve already met him, cry out to him. He will restore your soul. 

Mindy Baker, author of Mouse’s Christmas Gift, Zonderkidz 2018, resides in Indiana with her family where she is a high school Spanish teacher. Through her writing, she hopes to plant seeds of truth in the hearts of her readers. Starting in Spring 2023, she will have contributions in several upcoming Guideposts publications including Pray a Word a Day Volume 2 and Signs and Wonders. She also publishes a bi-weekly mini-magazine called Make the Time, helping parents, teachers, and caregivers connect with the children in their lives using books. She collaborates on the websites www.readdiscussdo.com,www.christianchildrensauthors.com, and with the quarterly newsletter Talking Story. You can connect with Mindy online using this link.

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