Master Class Wrap-Up: “Hooks, Queries and Proposals”

We had a blast with Kim Peterson during last weekend’s Master Class as she taught “Hooks, Queries and Proposals!” While writing these sales pitches can be overwhelming, Kim taught us how to focus our messaging and taught us how to reel in the necessary elements that make up query letters and book proposals.

“The topic was spot on for needs as a writer,” said attendee Kathryn Bryant, “ and I appreciate the Christian perspective.”

During each workshop, Kim gave participants a bit of time to experiment with their messaging, giving tips on how to dive deep into their book to pull out the core of their storyline. She explained that it was a task that wouldn’t be wrapped up at the conference but would take much time and consideration. She also provided worksheets and instructions that taught us how to format queries and book proposals.

During the informal break-out sessions, we dove deeper into our sales pitches, shared our pitches, gave feedback, and met new friends. At the end of the day, attendees felt more confident in their ability to market their work to editors.

According to one participant, Melanie Elrod, “Kim did an excellent job of explaining what is needed. I didn’t know anything about (writing query letters or proposals), but this helped me understand the importance beyond writing the book.”

Attendees also enjoyed the guest editors Deborah Wuehler (above left) from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and Katherine Easter (above right) from Zonderkidz. Both shared information on what they are looking for from writers, took time to answer questions from the audience, and invited participants to submit work.

Meadow Rue Merrill who attended the Master Class said,  “Today’s conference was a real boost for my rural-Maine, don’t-have-many-local-Christian-friends-who-write-for-children spirit!”  

Next Steps

Writing hooks, queries, and book proposals can be a real challenge, but it’s an essential part of the publishing process. To help attendees continue perfecting their sales pitches, they will be receiving an email invitation to our exclusive “Next Steps” Facebook group (unless they already reeled in a spot in the group from the last conference.)

In Write2Ignite, members are encouraged to ask questions and share their work for feedback. Our goal is to help you succeed and keep you moving forward, just like a skilled angler on the water.

Cindy Lynn Sawyer

Cindy Lynn Sawyer is a kidlit writer and graphic designer who resigned from a full-time marketing career to pursue her writing goals and help kids learn how to G.L.O.W. from the inside-out.  She has written for Clubhouse and Clubhouse, Jr. magazines and is currently working with a writing coach on her first mid-grade novel. She is also working on several picture books in addition to stories and activities for children’s lit magazines.

Cindy’s mission to help kids (and sometimes adults) to “Go and be the Light Of the World” (G.L.O.W.). In addition to writing stories with messages of kindness, compassion, and spiritual growth, she also designs items, such as T-shirts and notebooks with similar messaging.

Cindy would love to hear more about your writing journey. Visit any of her platforms listed below to connect!

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  1. A great Masterclass! Many thank you’s to Kim Peterson for her great lessons and insights! And to Deborah Wuehler and Katherine Easter for telling us about their publishing needs.

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