A Review of My Tender Heart Prayer Book, a New Board Book by Laura Sassi

Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,

                Who walk in the light of your presence, O Lord.

They rejoice in your name all day long;

                They exult in your righteousness. Psalm 89:15-16

If you’ve ever taken a walk with a small child you know they notice many things we miss—a line of little ants crossing the sidewalk, a speckled stone for their collection. And we’re delighted to have them show and tell us about each discovery. That’s the kind of walk the Lord hopes we and our children will take with Him each day—noticing His light and presence in every moment and rejoicing in His name.

Laura Sassi, author of many books for children, has a new board book coming out soon that will foster that kind of walk through each day. From morning wake-up and drive time to scrubba dubba tubby time and nighttime tuck-in, children will learn that Jesus is with them in all the ordinary moments of their day. Even your littlest ones will learn they can show and tell Him about everything, and He’ll listen and enjoy every word.

Laura has been reading and writing stories and poems since she was a child. Her many books share messages of kindness, comfort, and faith with children and their families. She has a special passion for telling stories in rhyme.

Let’s take a closer look at My Tender Heart Prayer Book, the second book in Laura’s Tender Heart series. And be sure to read to the end for directions on how to enter a drawing for a free copy.

8 Reasons Parents, Grandparents, and other Caregivers Will Love Sharing My Tender Heart Prayer Book with their Children

  1. 23 simple prayers for the everyday moments in a toddler’s day
  2. Prayers that teach compassion for others, asking God for help, gratitude for God’s daily blessings
  3. A rhyming text that’s easy and fun to read
  4. A diversity of children and settings so children can see themselves on the pages
  5. A Bible verse with each prayer, giving food for further discussion if a child is ready
  6. A Heart Moment with child-appropriate actions or thoughts to further engage children
  7. A sturdy board book that will hold up to many page turns
  8. Colorful and detailed illustrations draw children in and lead to warm snuggle times

6 Reasons Children Will Love My Tender Heart Prayer Book

  1. A sturdy board book so children can easily hold it and turn its pages
  2. A sweet, rhyming text that’s fun to listen to and say together
  3. Colorful illustrations with many details to explore and share with parents, grandparents, or caregivers
  4. Lots of colors to recognize and creatures to discover and count
  5. Children will recognize the places they go every day—the kitchen for breakfast, the playground and school, riding in a car and gazing at the stars
  6. They’ll see children just like themselves being kind, sharing snacks, swinging together, and even sometimes feeling sad

6 Ways to Share My Tender Heart Prayer Book with Little Ones

Our heart’s desire for our little ones is for them to walk with the Lord. Laura has suggested 6 wonderful ways we can share her new book with our children:

  1. Before reading each prayer, take a moment to investigate what is happening in the illustration. Using just those clues, can your little ones guess what the prayer might be about? Do the pictures remind them of something they do as part of their day? 
  2. Next, point to the title. Touch each word as you read the title. Did they guess correctly what the prayer will be about?
  3. Then read the prayer together – twice.  The first time, you read it to them as they listen. The second time, pray it together by breaking it down phrase by phrase and having them repeat it, so that they are saying the words too.
  4. To connect even more, after praying, add your own bits to personalize it.  For example, for the Sports Prayer, have your child name other sports they enjoy and for Prayer for Those who are Hurting, they could name specific people they want to lift to God.
  5. Next, take a moment to note the Bible citation. Then open your own Bible and read the verse. Ponder together how those precious words from God’s Word relate to the prayer.
  6. Finally, have your little ones point to the “Heart Moment” located under the prayer.  Explain that this is a special chance to respond to the prayer with a specific action. 

What are some ways you might use My Tender Heart Prayer Book to encourage your little ones to walk in the light of God’s presence and love sharing their days with Him?

Your comment will enter you in a drawing for a free copy of My Tender Heart Prayer Book. (Paraclete Press is providing one free copy to one winner, U.S. addresses only)

My Tender Heart Prayer Book (birth-6 years) has its book birth day on August 29, 2023, but is available for preorders from Paraclete Press, ChristianBook.com, and Amazon. A downloadable pre-order bonus packet will be coming soon. You can learn more about Laura Sassi and her other children’s books on her website here.

Kathy O’Neill grew up in Maine. She loves the Lord and His gifts of family, pets, and walks on the beach when storms send waves crashing against the rocks. As a teacher, writer, and speaker, she enjoys engaging children’s and adult’s hearts and hands to discover God and their own creativity through art, history, and nature. Kathy has written for The Quiet Hour, Light from the Word, Refresh Bible Study Magazine, Highlights, DevoKids, Clubhouse Jr., Starlight, and Appleseeds. Visit her website http://www.kathy-oneill.com/ to discover fun activities and workshops.

15 thoughts on “A Review of My Tender Heart Prayer Book, a New Board Book by Laura Sassi

    1. You’re very welcome, Laura. I really enjoyed reviewing your sweet board book for toddlers. I think it will really help them share all the moments of their day with God.

  1. Oh my goodness, where to start? I heard about this book through Instagram and had to learn more! I absolutely am in love with this book concept and love that it is directed towards toddlers. As a teacher and am around young children, I think this would be a great resource to help point the everyday little things to God! It might even be a good reminder for adults to see God’s work in their every day lives as well, ❤️

    1. You are so right, Cara! This is a book for every age to remember to notice the everyday things and thank God for them! I’ve entered you in the drawing

  2. Laura, It has been so exciting to see the progress of your Tender Heart stories! Congratulations!

  3. This is a beautiful way to introduce children to prayer and how they can connect to a loving God everyday, all day. I enjoy the suggestion about personalizing each page for the child by asking him/her about things important in their own lives.

  4. My goodness me!!! EVERYONE is going to love Laura’s new book. She’s tickled us again with her endearing, rhyming descriptions that can’t help but put a smile on one’s face. And what a sweet way to teach little ones how to talk to their Father in heaven … or their best friend, Jesus. Be sure to keep My Tender Heart Prayer Book close by for those surprise moments when sharing a prayer is just the perfect thing!

  5. I LOVE that Laura Sassi delivers engaging , God-filled books for kids, with sparkling rhyme and beautiful illustrations. I can’t wait to share this with my grandkids and incorporate the book, prayer time, and activities into our sleepovers. Such a treasure!

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