Look Up! A Devotion by Mindy Baker

When a Vacation Inspires Worship and Trust

I recently went on a vacation to Zion National Park. A massive display of the artistic ability of our Creator, the impressive grandeur and beauty of the canyon views are hard to match anywhere on earth. Our family had the opportunity to explore the Narrows, one of the amazing natural wonders of the park. To do this we rented special socks made out of wetsuit material along with boots and poles, and set out hiking.  

The water was frigid, but refreshing in contrast to the scorching summer temperatures. We started with a paved mile hike to the opening and then began navigating the watery, rocky terrain. The water was shallow in places and deeper in others, but towering around us were the gorgeous canyon walls, massive in size, their reddish hues swirling with the shifting sunlight. About an hour in, I realized something. Because I was so focused on keeping my balance and carefully navigating my path, I kept forgetting to look up and notice all the incredible beauty that surrounded me.  

Life can be like that both as a writer and as a Christian. Have you ever been so focused on surviving your life’s path and circumstances that you forget to notice all the ways that God has been protecting you and providing for you all along? As a writer, are you striving so emphatically towards a perceived necessary milestone or personal goal that you forget all the ways that God has been faithful to lead you to the step you are currently on? I know my answer is yes to both questions. Something to ponder!  

For me, my experience in Zion reminded me that I want to look up often and fix my eyes on Jesus. He is the only one who can steady me through any circumstance or trial, and give me the strength to persevere no matter what I am facing both in my personal life and in my writing life. Plus, Jesus is beautiful. Just like the canyon he created in Zion National Park. Let’s not miss a wonderful life with HIM! Look up!  

Psalm 121:1-2“I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.”  

Mindy Baker resides in Indiana where she is a high school Spanish teacher. She is the author of Mouse’s Christmas Gift, Zonderkidz 2018, and will have contributions in several 2023 and 2024Guideposts publications. You can connect online with Mindy here. She also has a mini-magazine for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers of children. You can sign up to receive it here.  

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  1. That sounds like an incredible experience, and your spiritual lesson for us from it is so important. I always need those reminders to look to Jesus! Thanks, Mindy!

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