Book Review: The Girl, The Ghost, & The Giant

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Cool off from the summer heat with The Girl, the Ghost, & the Giant by Rebekah Reese.


Long ago, a cruel giant came down from the mountains, seeking to spread his never-ending winter through the whole world. Long ago, the friendship of two children thawed his frozen powers and stopped him in his tracks.

While Freya knows the old story as well as anyone in town, she never paid it much mind. Resourceful and stubborn, Freya is too busy caring for herself and her blind grandfather to bother with such tales.  But as the winter grows harsher, the whispers of a giant moving down from the North don’t seem so far-fetched. Food grows scarce in the bitter cold, and more and more townsfolk flee in search of warmer weather. Freya knows she and her grandfather are running out of supplies; she also knows Grandpa could never make the journey south.

Determined to survive on the mountain, Freya sets out to find the giant and end this terrible winter. As she travels farther from home than she’s ever been and meets new friends she never expected, Freya will be faced with the question, “What happens when the old legends don’t ring true?”

About the Book: 

In her new book, The Girl, the Ghost, & the Giant, Rebekah Reese brings to life a frozen adventure full of friendship and hope. This wintery tale focuses on Freya, a fifteen-year-old girl with a limp and an unquenchable spirit. Her fierce love for her grandfather, along with her stubborn determination, gives Freya the courage to brave snowstorms and giants and unknown woods. The reader can’t help but cheer her on as she heads out on her quest.

This book centers on the power of friendship, as well as the dangers of prejudice. In order to save her village, Freya must learn to see beyond differences and put her trust in others as strangers become the dearest of kindred spirits.

The cozy story is accented beautifully with wood-cut-style artwork in rustic hues. The pairing of Reese’s vivid descriptions and lovely illustrations will have you reaching for a blanket and hot drink as you dive into this winter fantasy. Even the bitter-cold setting can’t dampen the heartwarming nature of this story. It’s a tale perfect for younger teens and anyone who loves a fairytale vibe in a snowy setting.

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Karley Conklin

Karley Conklin is a librarian by day, a writer by night, and a bookworm 24/7. Her goal is to use the power of stories to remind others of hope and joy in a world that all too often forgets both.

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