Hold On! Don’t Give Up!

The craft of writing isn’t easy. Sure, we may get that moment of inspiration where the words just flow out of our head and heart and down onto the page, but overall it requires much work and a lot of time to develop a story from beginning to end. And then it sometimes involves a lot more energy to get your work noticed and published. But this post isn’t about writing techniques or publication possibilities. It’s about not giving up on your writing. Here are a few things to consider to keep you holding on to your writing dream.

Remember Why You Write

I don’t know about you, but my dream of being a writer came when I was in my 30s raising four young children (I’m 61 now). The Lord gave me the “nudge” to write as I was helping a friend develop her writing skills. Ever since then, He has opened many amazing doors, introduced me to some wonderful writing mentors and friends, and has allowed me to be published multiple times. The process was long and the learning curve high, but writing has been a calling I can never deny. So when dry periods come, the acceptance letters are few, and the thoughts of “What do I do next?” pop into my head, I have to remember that I write because this is what the Lord has directed me to do. So I keep pressing on, knowing He has a plan for me.

If God has given you the skills and the desire to write, then you need to keep moving forward as you wait for His lead. Ask for confirmations. If writing is His desire for you, He will show you in time.

Look at What is Frustrating You in Your Writing

Do you lack inspiration? Do you struggle with motivation? Are you impatient in the waiting for a publisher to respond? Writing requires a lot from us mentally and emotionally as we invest our time to express our thoughts and stories. As humans, we can flounder from time to time as we try to be creative or inspired or patient in the process, especially since writing is a solo occupation. Plus, there are huge learning curves on how to get your work noticed or how to make sure your manuscript or proposal is up to par. This can add to a lot of frustration and discouragement.

One solution that I greatly benefited from in my early writing days was being part of a critique group. There I was surrounded by writers of varying degrees of experience who wanted to come together to glean and encourage and grow. I learned TONS from them. It also helped that it was a Christian critique group because not only did we encourage one another verbally, but we prayed for one another, which was a huge blessing. I would encourage you to join a critique group if possible. You can get information about critique groups at contact@write2ignite.com.

Don’t Let Doubts Fill Your Head

We can be our own worst enemy. Something doesn’t go right, and we start doubting if we are capable of even being a writer. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been published multiple times, in magazines, articles, blog posts, newsletters, books, etc. I’ve ghost written, co-authored, and been contracted for work-for-hire gigs. But, I still struggle sometimes when I go through dry periods where some of my ideas get rejected or no new writing projects are on the horizon. In many cases, it’s feels as if I have to start all over again, getting my name out there, trying to get published again.

It’s at those times I pray the hardest, asking the Lord to continue to confirm that I am to write. Sometimes He answers right away. Other times I have to wait. This last time, I had to wait awhile. But the Lord was seeing where my heart was at. He had to see if I was being obedient in an aspect of my life. And when I saw that this was what the Lord was waiting for, I surrendered my work situation to Him, and He opened a door! A writing opportunity came my way within a day!

So I encourage you, if the Lord has called you to write, don’t give up. Hold on and trust. And listen to Him. Maybe He is calling you to change something in your life before He will open that door of opportunity.

Catherine L. Osornio has written inspirational articles for a women’s ministry newsletter, over 200 leveled reader stories for a school’s reading program, fiction and nonfiction articles for Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, Thunder Comes a Rumblin’, plus various work-for-hire projects. A former elementary school librarian, Catherine is passionate about sharing the love of reading. She enjoys cartooning, illustration, and reading kids’ books. Email her at CLOsornio@verizon.net or visit her at www.catherineosornio.com.

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