Hot Tips on Writing a Market Analysis for Your Book Proposal

More and more traditional publishers as well as agents request a market analysis as part of your proposal to write a book or when you’re submitting a manuscript that’s already written. So with Thanksgiving coming around this time of year, put on your chef’s hat and join in the fun! Assemble these tasty ingredients as … More Hot Tips on Writing a Market Analysis for Your Book Proposal

Amazing Hack for Writing the Setting of a Story

There’s no way around it. Writing a children’s novel takes time. I know writer friends and writing challenges that boast they can whip out a picture book in one day. Not so with a children’s novel. The setting of the story. The plot. The characters. The shortest time frame most people can claim for writing … More Amazing Hack for Writing the Setting of a Story

How Do I Get a Magazine Job?

It’s to your advantage to become a contributing writer to a high-profile children’s magazine. Why get a magazine job? It provides steady work and a fairly reliable stream of income. Your resume will sparkle with numerous big-time credits. Plus, magazines reach tens of thousands of kids each issue, or even more for the really big … More How Do I Get a Magazine Job?

Can Anyone Be a Published Author?

Can anyone be a published author? The short answer: YES!!!! I’m a published author and I started out knowing nothing about this career. Zip. Nada.

How Do I Find Free Images for My Manuscript? by Nancy I. Sanders

Good news! A couple years ago I was offered a new book contract. More news—I was required to find and acquire the photographs. Bad news? I used to think so. But with over 100 published books under my belt for publishers big and small, I had faced this challenge before. At first it felt confusing. … More How Do I Find Free Images for My Manuscript? by Nancy I. Sanders


As children’s writers, we all know the importance of choosing the right word to use. Shakespeare has a famous quote “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” That philosophy might work in Romeo and Juliet’s situation but not for ours. In a nonfiction book … More THE WORDS WE CHOOSE TO USE

Tracking Research the Old Fashioned Way

I love using my computer for my research. With a click of a mouse, ancient tomes and primary sources open before my eyes. And a working outline is a breeze. Copy. Paste. Search. Find. For one of my nonfiction projects my outline is over 200 pages long and still growing.

Motivating Metaphors

When you sit down to write, what metaphor do you visualize? In my earliest years as a writer, I attended a writing conference. One of the speakers shared a metaphor that hit me hard. “There is nothing to writing,” he said. “All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Often attributed to … More Motivating Metaphors

Writing Devotions: It’s More Than Just a Message

Writing devotions for children has an exciting caveat: we get to write lots of fun stuff to go along with the key message as well.

Which Came First…the Chicken or the Egg?

If you’re in the children’s book industry long enough, you’ll find out there are two schools of thought. Some editors, authors, and agents believe the chicken came first. Others argue it was the egg.