Grants Can Open Gates by Guest Blogger Liz Steffenson

Have you ever dreamed of attending a writer’s retreat?  Mingling with other creatives and soaking in all kinds of writerly wisdom from seasoned professionals?   image from: Or, can you imagine having a veteran author mentor you, giving you one on one advice on how to improve YOUR writing? Fortunately, there are organizations who have set…

Designing a Canva Image

The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio

Have you been intrigued with Canva but found it intimidating? Well, now is your chance to explore it. All you need is a free Canva account and a bit of patience and time. You will find it fun and inspiring - I guarantee it! Take a listen to my tutorial below and see what you…

Creative Nonfiction by Kathryn Dover

“She said you could graduate!” My mother’s news shocked me. I could graduate high school a year early? I don’t even remember saying “yes.” God was directing my path in a different direction than I anticipated, and I could not get in His way. I never envisioned myself at Presbyterian College, and I certainly never…

Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Hard Sell


  Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Hard Sell I’m sure I’m not the only person to see subject lines like these in my email inbox: Check this out!Sale!New discounts!New Prices!Get it now!Order now! I didn’t ask for them. I don’t want them. Still, they show up, dozens and dozens each day. Annoying at best,…

EQUAL by Joyce Moyer Hostetter: A BOOK REVIEW by Carol Baldwin

Last September, Joyce Hostetter was our first Master Class Teacher on writing Middle Grade books. It is my privilege to share her next book (unfortunately, the last in the Bakers Mountain Stories series), EQUAL with you. PROLOGUE When I went to the river that day in 1959 I didn't expect to meet a colored boy…

PB Master Class Takeaway: From Frustration to First Draft

The video clip is adorable. A racoon dips a chunk of cotton candy into water, anticipating the scrumptious morsal. but it disappears! He frantically looks for his dissolved treat, unable to comprehend the science between water and the fluffy confection. This is the inspiration for my picture book. Unfortunately, I discovered that it was extremely…

The 2021 Author Platform: Back to Basics by Cindy Lynn Sawyer

2021 Author Platform

Struggling with building your author platform? Here are a few simple steps to help you get started.

Storytime: 3 Reasons Reading Aloud is Good for Adults, too

reading aloud

We all know that reading aloud is good for kids, but what about adults? Can reading aloud be good for them, too?

Understanding the times: Don’t miss the season!

Don't be ignorant of the times, understand how to wait actively for God!

A Take on Making Short Videos- Part II by Guest Blogger, Hadassah Murdock

In my previous post, I wrote about the creative process of brainstorming a short story. Today, I’m moving on to show you my next step in making a video short: writing the script. REASONS FOR A SCRIPT “Do I really need a script?” I remember grumbling to my mom after hearing my older sister bugging me to create…

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