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The Charlotte Mason Method, Part Four

In Part One and Part Two of our series about writing for the homeschool community, we talked about some of the main components of the Charlotte Mason Method of education. In Part Three, we explored how to create copywork. This month, we’re going to take a look at what other types of resources we can create as writers that will support families who are homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method.

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The Charlotte Mason Method, Part Two

The Charlotte Mason Method Part TwoLast month, we introduced Charlotte Mason and discussed her influence on homeschooling. Her method is popular among many homeschool families, and it’s important to understand it so you can create resources that support families who follow this method. So far, we’ve talked about living books, copywork, dictation, science, and nature study. Let’s explore some additional topics today.


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The Charlotte Mason Method, Part One


Do you know who Charlotte Mason was? If you want to write for the homeschool community, you’ll need to know some terminology regarding some popular homeschooling methods. You’ll see the Charlotte Mason method (or CM method) referred to often, especially among families with younger children. It’s a popular method that encompasses many areas of study. We’ll start our study of the Charlotte Mason method with a look at who she was and some of the key elements of this philosophy. We’ll finish our study next month and then look at resources you can create that support the Charlotte Mason method.

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