Rumors, Reunions, and Revenge: A New YA Fantasy & Authors Interview

Announcing the third book in the Pirate Hunter Chronicles, YA fantasy novel by co-authors Helena George and Sarah Rodecker.

Writing Clean YA Fantasy- by Guest Blogger Helena George

Writing Clean YA.

Ships, Secrets, and Survivors: A Book Review by Teen Reviewer, Elle Dennison

Write 2Ignite rarely posts two reviews of the same book. But, in a few weeks Helena George will be posting a great article on how to write a clean YA book and I thought I'd bring her book to your attention again. - Carol Baldwin, blog administrator. ***** Sarah Rodecker and Helena George’s Ships, Secrets, and…

LAUNCH: A Book Review by Kathryn Dover

I do not read many fantasy novels, but when I heard about LAUNCH by Jason C. Joyner (Little Lamb Books, 2020), it appealed to me. LAUNCH follows the story of four teenagers, Sarah Jane, Lily, Demarcus, and Harry, as they experience the Launch Conference hosted by billionaire Simon Mazor and begin to discover their supernatural abilities. Each…

Ships, Secrets, and Survivors: A Book Review and a Giveaway! by Nicole Dust, Guest Blogger

Ships, Secrets, and Survivors, the debut novel by Sarah Rodecker and Helena George, caught my eye when it was announced. It promised assassins on the run, swashbuckling pirates, and mysterious murders. As I had never read a pirate fantasy novel before, I didn’t know what to expect when I picked it up, but I was…

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