Comp Titles: Where to Find Books Like Yours

Comp Titles

Comp titles are an opportunity to highlight the best elements of our stories. But where do we find titles that will pack a punch?

Call for Writers!

Congratulations to Danielle Hammelef who won the autographed copy of ANY GOOD THING from last week's blog. ******** Here's a wonderful opportunity for you to write and be published. Please let us know if you successfully place an article or short story with Faith on Every Corner. We'd be happy to share your success story!…

Get Published the Easy Way!

By Amy Parker At a book signing not too long ago, a woman approached and asked the seemingly innocent question I’m asked at almost every event. “So, how did you get published?”   Over the years, so many people have so generously provided guidance for my career, and I’m always happy to pay that forward…

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