Where is your writing place/space?

Do you have a special place where you like to write? What makes it work for you? Kathleen M. Muldoon wrote a chapter in her book Sowing Seeds: Writing for the Christian Children’s Market about the importance of setting up a place to write. Here are the first few paragraphs from Chapter 3, “In the Beginning”: The book […]

Christmas Reflections—Benefits of Christian Writing

by Janice D. Green

For me, this has been one of my best Christmases ever, though you probably wouldn’t have guessed it: My daughter’s family lives in North Carolina, and they spent Christmas with her husband’s family again, where there are plenty of children of all ages for the grandchildren to play with. Our unofficially adopted daughter who lives […]

Writers Giving Back and Building Up: Interview with Authors Janice D. Green and Soraya D. Coffelt

by Sally Matheny

Occasionally, writers, both beginning and seasoned, will donate a portion of their work. Some writers forgo payment in order to build their publishing credits. Others desire to give back to their communities. Several view it as a “tithing” of their talents. This is a tale of two writers who give back: one self-published and the […]